Generators and resources


Supporting the energy transition

The energy industry relies in part on non-renewable energies. Faced with new challenges, the gas, mining, nuclear and oil industries need to commit to the energy transition. The need to adapt has become urgent and unavoidable, given the growing demand for renewables as a replacement for fossil fuels.

Challenge facing generators and resources

OEMs and manufacturers are facing a range of challenges, including rising demand, price fluctuations, technological advances and new global energy dynamics.

These changes are forcing the industry to make a real contribution to the energy transition. OEMs and manufacturers need to review their business models and manage their activity while optimizing costs and improving efficiency.

In particular, it will be necessary to deploy new generation capacities in order to replace fossil fuel units and meet growing demand for electricity while reducing greenhouse gas emissions.

The nuclear industry can make a significant contribution to the energy transition. As a low-carbon energy source, it can be deployed on a large scale to provide clean, affordable power.

In the mining industry, to meet the challenges facing mining companies in extraction, loading and transportation, advanced performance and seamless support are essential to the economic efficiency of underground and open-cast mines.

At Nexans, we have developed project expertise with customized solutions to meet the specific needs of a variety of sectors.


Nexans solutions

  • Manufacture a complete range of cables specific to each sector.
  • Innovate to cut costs.
  • Develop and implement reliable, customized cabling solutions.
  • Adapt cables to extreme conditions.
  • Maximize project safety and efficiency.

« As an OEM, energy system integrator, or specialized distributor you need a global cable partner able to provide advanced products and expertise to improve the performance and durability of your systems and equipment.»



Our objectives

  • Promote the transition to clean energy sources.
  • Ensure individual safety.
  • Achieve operational excellence in every sector through local presence, supply chain expertise, speed of delivery and response, and the ability to solve complex problems.