Power accessories

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Power accessories: an essential cog in energy systems

As electrification gathers pace, network operators are undertaking large-scale projects to extend and modernize the grid. These projects require a wide range of power accessories. Nexans is a leading manufacturer and distributor in this field, supplying a full range of power accessories to our global customers in 90 countries.

Our range of standardized and bespoke power accessories

As pioneers in the field of low- medium- and high-voltage power accessories, we are the preferred supplier for an international customer base looking for robust products tailored to the needs of each project. We are committed to delivering:

  • Quality and reliability: our accessories are recognized for their quality of design and manufacturing. They comply with international standards as well as meeting our customers’ most demanding specifications. They provide reliable connections in the harshest environments, and over the entire service life of the electrical infrastructure – several decades in some cases.
  • Easy installation: faulty installation often leads to connection failure. For this reason, we design our accessories to be as ergonomic and easy to install as possible. Our products are also designed to help customers boost efficiency.
  • Customer support: we support our customers before, during and after their projects. We help them select the accessories best suited to their needs. We train and certify installers in the use of our accessories, and we can provide assistance and supervision for installation work.
power accessories

We connect all types of cables, for high-, medium- and low-voltage installations, and all types of conductors with any cross-section. We provide underground cable junctions, and connect cables to various types of equipment, including transformers and switchgear.

Our products are used on both onshore and offshore networks, on wind farms and oil platforms, for example.

We supply a complete range of power accessories for energy distribution networks:

  • Mechanical connectors and lugs,
  • EUROMOLD® separable connectors: pre-molded accessories for medium- and high-voltage cabling in this range,
  • cold- or hot-shrink joints,
  • cold- or hot-shrink terminations,
  • Range of 72.5kV accessories for offshore wind turbines
  • Pre-assembled cables and accessories (jumpers)


of power network failures are caused by incorrectly installed accessories


Our objectives

  • Become the benchmark supplier for the energy transition by delivering eco-designed, sustainable accessories and services
  • Deliver the highest standards of quality for our products and service experience
  • Support customer performance with solutions to make better use of accessories and improve the reliability of their installations.

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