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A history brought to life through innovations and exceptional projects

We are proud of our history and the people who have shaped it over the years. We have over 120 years of experience, built on innovation, flagship projects and a strong international reputation.

We owe this success to two remarkable people: François Borel, a brilliant inventor, and Edouard Berthoud, a talented industrialist. In 1879, they developed a watertight electric cable with lead sheathing. This invention sparked a revolution. It meant that cables could carry far more power, and that they could also be laid underground. This system was used to light up the Champs Élysées in Paris for the Universal Exposition in 1900. In the 1920s, the company developed an innovative system of heating cables, which was deployed in Oslo Cathedral.

Over the course of a century and three industrial revolutions, we have become a key player in electrification, building on our major achievements and pioneering inventions. We are part of the past, present and future of electricity.

Through our high-voltage cabling systems and associated services, we can generate energy from renewable sources, and transmit it from the point of production to the point of use, or even from one country to another with our interconnectors. Our medium-voltage cabling solutions bring electricity to communities around the world.

Our story

Our purpose: electrifying tomorrow’s world

Some five years ago, Nexans initiated a process of change, leading us to make strategic key changes.

In response to today’s challenges, we have decided to focus on our core business and to do what we do best: electrifying the world.

Why this choice? For over a century, we have been developing our expertise in electrification projects. And in a world that is about to see significant and rapid change, we are leveraging all our know-how to play a pioneering role in the energy transition.

With the dawn of a new energy revolution, we are supporting new types of power usage and helping energy players to meet the challenges of our times.

wind & solar farms

A strategy based on simplification to amplify the scale of our actions

By refocusing on electrification, we have replaced volume and complexity with value creation and simplification.

Made up of four sectors and twelve sub-sectors, our new, streamlined organization is designed to serve the entire electrification value chain: from power generation to transmission, distribution and usage. As a pure player, we are expanding our role in these markets.

We have chosen to do more with less, in order to create more value for all our stakeholders.

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Nexans is a major global player in the energy transition, working for the sustainable electrification of the world.

Christopher Guérin
Christopher Guérin

CEO, Nexans

Today, we are beginning a new chapter in our history. Our workforce is driving the change towards a new world, where electrification is safer, more sustainable, renewable, low-carbon and accessible to everybody.

A unique management model called E3

E3 is a unique management model developed in-house to establish a balance between environmental responsibility, employee engagement and business performance.

We believe that adopting a more rational approach is a way to enhance our performance, to make a bigger contribution to the ecological transition and to play a greater role in the collective effort.

Our strategy

Governance dedicated to performance

Our corporate governance is characterized by a high level of diversity in the composition of our decision-making bodies. Their broad range of skills is a real plus for our Group. The Board of Directors, the Executive Committee and our other committees look after the interests of our stakeholders by overseeing the deployment of our strategy and measuring its performance.

Our industrial facilities around the world

For over a century, our group has been expanding its business all over the world.
Today, we are present on every continent with over 70 sites and factories in France and other countries.

Our locations
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