Life at Nexans


Embodying our core values in everyday actions

At Nexans, our core values of ‘Pioneers, Dedication and United’ form the foundation of our corporate ethos. These principles manifest in every aspect of our employees’ daily work life. Through initiatives like the ‘Remarkable People’ program, adherence to our Code of Ethics and Business Conduct, active participation in corporate philanthropy, and sustainable development initiatives, as well as the collaborative exchange of expertise, we embody and uphold these values consistently.

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Comprehensive employee benefits program

Nexans provides its team members with attractive compensation and benefits packages, inclusive of health and wellness initiatives, employee stock ownership plans, and opportunities for international career experiences.


Embracing diversity: Our inclusive workplace culture

At Nexans, we acknowledge and respect the diversity of our workforce, encompassing aspects like cultural background, gender, abilities, and individual personalities. We understand that these diverse attributes are what make each of our employees distinct and valuable. Our commitment is to foster an inclusive workplace that offers equal opportunities for involvement, expression, growth, and meaningful contribution to our company’s success. We also emphasize gender equality, recognizing its significance in mirroring the diversity of our customers, suppliers, and the communities in which we operate.

Inclusion and Diversity: Essential drivers of performance
Nexans employees in Cali
Team in Nexans' plant in Abidjan