Our transformation journey

Just four years of SHIFT program have transformed Nexans beyond expectations.

What is the SHIFT program

Performance is just the tip of the iceberg, because KPIs never explains the real issues.

SHIFT was implemented to get to the root causes of the problems at Nexans, to help Nexans to understand problems people are not seeing and to challenge preconceived ways of working as well as collecting data.

In 2018 we conducted a thorough portfolio analysis. This helped us to categorize our portfolio in news ways: it included understanding what were value burners, cash tanks, transformation candidates, profitable cash tanks and profit drivers.

SHIFT has two programs:

  • SHIFT PERFORMANCE: Move units from Value Burners into Profit Drivers through portfolio selectivity
  • SHIFT PRIME: Move units from Profit Drivers into Innovation Drivers through enhanced marketing, branding, customer and innovation focus

Key figures

SHIFT PERFORMANCE outperformed its target, between 2019-2021

+ €111M






SHIFT PRIME Program Ambition

We are targeting +€40M incremental EBITDA thanks to SHIFT by 2024.

We launched in 2022 the SHIFT Prime program focusing on customer needs and innovation.

We will enhance demand side performance with new innovations and a partnership ecosystem through Digital Labs and Technocentres, address client pain points to create synergies and duplicate best practice worldwide. This is underpinned by superior service, clear, strong brands, sales amplifiers, optimization to drive customer value and SMART innovation.

From 4X into the Future

Nexans share price has risen 4X and dividends have gone up, increasing total returns to shareholders. The value of the company has gone from less than book, to a P/E multiple of 17x, roughly consistent with its peers.