Developing individual potential

Are you curious and courageous? Does customer satisfaction motivate you? Are you driven by the pursuit of excellence? Do you want to help build a better world?


If you recognize yourself in this description, welcome to Nexans! As a company with strong growth potential, Nexans can offer you real training opportunities to maintain a high level of employability in a constantly evolving environment. We firmly believe that skills development is a shared responsibility. If you are motivated, adaptable and aligned with our core values, your career can take off at Nexans.

We value the diversity of profiles and ambitions within our teams. That’s why we enable everyone to manage their career path as independently as possible. Our career development platform is designed to help you do just that. Here, you can define your professional objectives, share them, receive feedback, prepare performance appraisals, enrich your Individual Development Plan and update your employee profile. This tool is your ally in steering your career in the direction you want.

Helping managers unleash their team’s energy

What makes you a good leader? At Nexans, we know that leading a team requires a high level of responsibility. That’s why we support our managers by equipping them with all the skills they need to succeed in their mission. We have developed “Leading With Impact”, a comprehensive people management program. This provides our managers with the tools and methods they need not only to excel in their role, but also to thrive in their work and develop their teams.

Continuous progress

We want to enable our employees to be lifelong learners, through on-the-job training as well as online, classroom and application-based courses. Backed by the expertise of our top professionals, we offer a range of functional academies designed to share our knowledge. These are broken down by function (Finance, Human Resources, Plant Management, Supply Chain, Sales & Marketing) and co-constructed with groups of business experts responsible for defining the experience and skills needed to gain a global understanding of each business.

In addition, we offer a diverse range of connected tools and specialized programs accessible 24/7. We place great emphasis on personal and professional growth and leadership development, to provide a complete learning experience for all.


Developing leadership and professional growth

At Nexans, we believe that every employee should have a range of resources at his or her disposal to adapt to changes in the workplace, acquire and update knowledge, spark curiosity and improve employability.

That’s why we created Learning Solutions, an entity that designs digital training programs and facilitates the sharing of knowledge and best practices. Learning Solutions supports operational teams in building comprehensive training programs, from improving operators’ basic skills to technical, functional and managerial training.

It includes MyLearning, an innovative digital learning platform accessible to over 8,500 employees worldwide. Employees can develop their expertise and technical skills at all levels thanks to an extensive catalog of freely accessible internal and external training courses (MOOCs, e-learning, videos and resources).

We also run digital communities on the Nexans social network, serving both learners and HR teams. This promotes self-directed learning exactly where it’s needed. Our expertise also extends to designing course materials, training internal instructors, selecting external providers and applying digital knowledge dissemination technologies.

Compliance Week

Each year, the Group organizes “Compliance Week”, a training program designed to make employees aware of the importance of compliance in their day-to-day operations. The program alternates videos, training and quizzes on the themes of conflict of interest, corruption risk, competition law, cyber security risk, personal data management, climate and intellectual property.


employees participated in the “Compliance Week” in 2022

Bridging the digital divide

Nexans has called on the PoleS association to run introductory digital workshops at its 17 production sites in France. These workshops are designed to help the 600 or so operators affected by digital illiteracy, i.e. the difficulty of understanding and using digital devices and the Internet. This cooperation illustrates Nexans’ commitment to CSR through its policy of digital inclusion among its employees.

A learning culture

We place particular importance on learning to stimulate and sharpen the curiosity of our employees. Our “Quick Start in Nexans” induction program enables new recruits to quickly assimilate the company’s culture and maximize their performance as soon as they take up their position. 800 new employees have already benefited from this program since its launch in 2020.


access to intelligent learning tools

22 hours

average time spent per employee on digital training in 2023 (compared with 3 hours in 2021)

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