Robust cables for clean, safe nuclear power

Nuclear power continues to play an important role in supplying power for our grids. In the context of the energy transition, nuclear power is considered as a low-carbon energy source, since it emits no CO2 during the production phase. Nuclear power is also a stable energy source, delivering a continuous supply of power. It could play a role in achieving carbon neutrality by 2050.

Challenges facing the nuclear industry

Despite its undeniable strong points, the nuclear industry remains controversial owing to the inherent risk of nuclear accidents and the radioactive waste produced. Safety issues must be addressed in order to improve public perceptions. Guaranteeing the long-term safety of individuals and infrastructures in all situations is therefore an absolute priority.

Nuclear power is currently the second most important low-carbon energy source, giving it a key role in the energy transition. Electricity generation from nuclear power is increasing constantly and needs to grow still further if we are to achieve net zero by 2050.

The cables we supply for the nuclear industry have been tested in extreme conditions by our R&D team. Engineered for unrivalled strength, our nuclear cables contribute to providing a clean, durable energy source. Our know-how and expertise in this field are essential in meeting the challenges of safety and reliability.


10 %

Ten percent of the world’s electricity is generated by the 442 nuclear power reactors in operation worldwide.


Nexans solutions

  • Develop strong, safe cables of exceptional performance, specifically for the nuclear industry, and in particular a range of halogen-free cables that remain operational in emergency situations, ensuring the safety of both personnel and infrastructures.
  • Design customized nuclear-qualified solutions to ensure product viability and long-term safety.

« The key to our success lies in our ability to combine technical expertise and cables of advanced performance with broad capabilities in industrial design and manufacturing.»

Oliver Dervout, Nexans Market Segment Director for Power Generation


Our objectives

  • Help create a clean, safe and economical energy source for future generations.
  • Ensure the reliability and safety of electrical installations in nuclear facilities.

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Find out more about the nuclear industry

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