Mining: improving sustainability, reliability and safety

Until recently, the main purpose of mining was to extract minerals used primarily to produce fossil fuels. Today, these minerals are used in systems able to generate renewable energies, such as electric batteries and solar panels. Nevertheless, to make an active contribution to the energy transition, the mining sector needs to move towards new, more sustainable business models. Nexans is helping its customers to meet these ambitious goals.

Challenges facing the mining industry in the current energy transition

Mining extracts a wide range of rare earths and minerals, from lithium and cobalt to copper, nickel, manganese and aluminum, to name but a few. These natural substances are used on a massive scale to create technologies for producing renewable energies.

Electric car batteries, wind turbines and photovoltaic panels all rely on minerals and rare earths. Today, more technologies need to be developed to address rising energy needs and limit the impact of climate change on global temperatures. As a result, more rare earths and minerals are required.

At present, the mining industry makes most of its profits from coal mining. It now needs to shift its focus to minerals that are useful for the energy transition. Major investments will be necessary to meet growing demand. According to the IEA, the demand for critical minerals is set to rise by a factor of between 1.5 and 7 by 2030.

It is essential to make mining more sustainable. This will enable us to develop new technologies using renewable energies and to achieve the net zero targets set by the SBTi (Science-based Targets Initiative) for 2050.

For players in the mining industry, the way forward is to modernize, industrialize and automate mining infrastructures, thereby helping to allay public fears. Nexans makes cables to power mobile electric equipment, supporting customers in this sector in meeting these goals.




Nexans solutions

  • Develop POWERMINE® cabling solutions specifically designed for underground or open-pit mining sites. Meeting high standards of efficiency and reliability, our cables are used for loading, transport and extraction, helping to maximize project profitability.
  • Provide customized services and support customers in the mining industry through our extensive experience in this sector.
  • Design the most suitable cables for each activity. Used on underground roadheaders, our cables are able to withstand fire, abrasion and traction. For loader-excavators, our cables make it possible for electric trucks to cover long distances in galleries where there are no conveyors. Easy to install in shafts and galleries, our cables have advanced fire resistance properties to protect personnel and equipment. Last, we provide cables for open-pit sites, designed to withstand the impact of trucks and machinery and to maintain continuity in power and control reliability for conveyors, excavators, pontoon-mounted excavators, electric shovels and draglines.
  • Find innovative solutions to facilitate operations in dark, cramped environments. The Active Light® range is just one example. These cables are fitted with LEDs along their entire length, providing independent lighting and visibility in all circumstances.
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Our objectives

  • Better integrate renewable energies into mining activities.
  • Ensure the safety of personnel and installations.
  • Contribute to the transformation of the mining sector and its transition towards a more sustainable model.

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