CSR performance

Nexans’ CSR performance is recognized by several independent rating agencies, reflecting the Group’s ongoing commitment to a transition towards sustainable and responsible practices.



In 2023, we received a prestigious ‘A’ score from Carbon Disclosure Project (CDP). This recognition marks a significant milestone in Nexans’ journey towards sustainable electrification. The company’s unwavering commitment to climate action and environmental transparency.

Noteworthy progress has been made, with this year’s achievement showcasing a commendable advancement from the ‘A-‘ rating in 2022 and 2021. Nexans is amongst 14% of companies that reached Leadership level in the Activity Group of Metal products manufacturing.

Ecovadis, platinum medal, 2023

EcoVadis: 80/100

In 2023, Nexans was upgraded with a score of 80/100, surpassing the consistent score of 78/100 over the last three years. This result has enabled the Group to maintain the prestigious EcoVadis Platinum medal for CSR recognition. The Group ranks among the top 1% of companies assessed by EcoVadis.

This performance confirms that our business lines have implemented effective ethical business practices and sustainable initiatives. We are pleased with this result and will continue to take every possible step to build a company that is even more virtuous.



MSCI ESG Ratings aim to measure a company’s resilience to long-term ESG risks. Companies are scored on an industry-relative AAA-CCC scale across the most relevant Key Issues based on their business model.

This A rating means that Nexans’ actions have proven our company’s resilience to environmental risks. It also demonstrates that our management practices reduce social risks, and reflects our sound governance structure.


Sustainalytics: 21

In 2023, the Group’s ESG risk rating was evaluated at 21, which corresponds to a –0.2 difference from 2022 (20.8 ESG risk rating). This represents a medium risk of material financial impacts driven by ESG factors.

The rating is based on the Group’s average risk exposure and its strong management of material ESG issues. Lower ratings are better, and Nexans aims to further improve its rating and enter the low-risk category with a grading of 20.



In 2023, ISS ESG maintained Nexans’ rating of B–, with B being the best rating in the sector. This score enabled the Group to keep its Prime status. ISS ESG awards prime status to companies that fulfill its demanding requirements regarding sustainability performance in the electronic components industry.

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