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Competitive remuneration

Nexans offers competitive, fair and motivating compensation and benefits packages to attract, engage, retain employees, as well as to recognize and reward individual and collective performance.

Compensation is reviewed annually within harmonized Group compensation processes. Individual salary increases are awarded equitably with consideration of compensation positioning, as well as individual performance and skills.

The compensation structure for managers comprises a fixed portion and a variable portion based on the Nexans E3 model (business performance, employee engagement and environmental protection). Through the E3 model, Nexans managers are collectively encouraged to deploy the Group performance and to make appropriate decisions.

Nexans also implements a long-term remuneration policy through shareholding plans designed to engage managers, executives and experts based on their potential and performance, and to align them with long-term strategy and value creation within the Group.

Employee benefits

Health and well-being are key priorities for Nexans. Employee benefits are an essential component in the Group compensation & Benfits policy. Packages include social protection and other benefits offers in compliance with local regulations and practices. On top of the mandatory benefits and depending on the country, Nexans also offers supplementary healthcare and personal protection plans covering death, incapacity and disability, as well as savings plans.

Overtime is either paid or compensated with time off, depending on the collective agreements applicable in each country and the national laws.

Health and well-being programs

Workplace safety is an absolute priority for Nexans, and a key performance indicator in our CSR plans. Nexans has put in place a Group Safety Policy based on a number of initiatives that have brought real results. Over the past years, Nexans has seen a fall in the number of occupational injuries and illnesses, including lost-time injuries. Since 2010, the Group has reduced the frequency of occupational accidents by 75% and the level of severity by 59%. In 2022, 41% of production sites reported no lost-time accidents involving absences of more than 24 hours.

To promote the health and well-being of its employees, Nexans deploys a range of initiatives in its facilities around the world: raising awareness of breast and prostate cancer, organizing fitness programs and challenges, and swapping best practices between all units.

Act 2022

Employee share ownership

Involving employees in creating long-term value is part of the Group culture. Nexans is convinced that employee share ownership is a way to strengthen its financial and human capital. Employee shareholders are long-term partners.

Nexans regularly launch employee share offerings as part of ACT, a global employee shareholding plan across 25 countries. The objective is to continue to bring employees’ interests into close alignment with the company’s long-term strategy.

At the same time, employees are able to increase their stake in Nexans by investing in the “Nexans share ownership” corporate fund through the company savings plan. Each individual investment is matched by a contribution from Nexans companies in France.



of employees were Group shareholders following the tenth employee shareholding operation “Act 2022”


of employees were Group shareholders following the tenth employee shareholding operation “Act 2020”

Internal mobility

Our employees are the cornerstone of our success. For this reason, we aim to make more positions available in-house and to develop a dynamic culture of internal mobility. At Nexans, internal mobility is not just about changes in location or function; it’s about fostering career development, facilitating promotions and enabling employees to discover new opportunities within the company.

Career development is not only a vertical process. It can also be lateral, an equally positive step offering different perspectives and experiences without the pressure of a conventional upward path. All Nexans employees have preferred access to our internal job site with exclusive access to opportunities. This approach not only fosters career development, but also strengthens our confidence in the potential of each team member.

At Nexans, we believe in empowering employees to reach their full potential. To this end, we are committed to developing a wide range of opportunities for professional and personal development, including job rotations, special projects and other career-building experiences.

Maria Lorente
Maria Lorente

Senior Corporate VP CHRO & CSR, Nexans

International mobility

Present in 42 countries, Nexans encourages international mobility for managers as part of their career development. This policy also helps us to retain talent, transfer expertise and promote the Group’s corporate values worldwide. The principle of equal treatment is applied to all employees, who benefit from social and fiscal protection based on their individual situation, as well as complete medical check-ups and a security service accessible via their smartphone.


of positions were filled internally
in 2022


employees were on international
mobility assignments
(lasting over a year)
end of 2022


of expat employees are from manufacturing,
26% from management and
10% from finance, in 2022



Internal mobility: Virginie Salagnac



Internal mobility: Virginie Salagnac



Internal mobility: Vincent Dessale



Internal mobility: Benoit Binet


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