Beyond cables

Nexans employee at Donchery plant, France

Beyond cables: our turnkey solutions in electrification

As pioneers in electrification, we deliver comprehensive solutions and personalized support for our customers. Building on over 120 years of experience in the field, we have developed unique expertise. Our capacity for innovation positions us at the cutting edge of progress. We are also committed to climate protection and have integrated the principles of eco-design into the manufacture, recycling and reuse of our products.

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Fire safety: ensuring safe electrification

Tomorrow’s buildings will be smart. This means that their communication infrastructures and power networks will be even more complex and diversified. For this reason, fire safety ranks among our main priorities. We are revolutionizing safety in buildings and homes, with reliable fire safety solutions that have been tried and tested across a range of projects.

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Sustainable solutions: integrating sustainability into our activities

As a pioneer in electrification, sustainable development ranks among our main priorities. We integrate eco-design principles at every stage of the product lifecycle, to bring our customers solutions tailored to environmental realities and to the challenges they face in their business.

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Digital solutions: improving supply chain efficiency

Our R&D team has developed high-performance digital solutions to make the supply chain more agile. These technologies contribute to easier management of orders, stocks and deliveries. They also help to secure customer assets.

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Power accessories: delivering a range of bespoke products

We have developed expertise in low-, medium- and high-voltage power accessories. Our innovative products can be customized to reflect the complexity and specific features of customer projects.

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