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Digital solutions to improve operational efficiency

Energy suppliers, distributors and installers are facing a range of problem including: the growing scarcity of raw materials, rising energy prices, the need to cut CO2 emissions, and cable theft. Through our comprehensive digital solutions, we aim to provide practical support in overcoming these challenges and improving the resilience of their supply chain.

Ultracker solutions: making the supply chain more agile

Digital technologies are essential to the ongoing energy transition. They speed up and optimize many processes. In the energy sector, digital solutions are making a significant contribution. They are being used in particular to better integrate renewable energies, make networks more resilient, cut emissions and increase energy efficiency.

At Nexans, our digital solutions reduce operational risk and total cost of ownership, while increasing the return on investment. We bring customers solutions to reduce cable installation time as well as the associated risk.

We developed Ultracker for this purpose. Grouping a range of solutions to ensure supply chain continuity, it is based on the Internet of Things (IoT), artificial intelligence (AI) and cloud-based services.

Ultracker comprises four solutions:

  • Ultracker Vendor-Managed Inventory (VMI) enhances supply chain efficiency by synchronizing product demand and availability while avoiding both supply disruption and excess inventories through the automatic management of supply and replenishment.
  • Ultracker Smart Inventory Management (SIM) monitors and manages cable stocks automatically in real time to improve performance and save time. This system helps reduce the costs, environmental impact and working capital requirements for customers.
  • Ultracker Track’n Trace is a real-time global asset tracking and incident management system, developed in partnership with Shippeo. It provides precise information and estimated time of arrival for deliveries.
  • Ultracker Drums uses edge-computing technology to locate cable drums in real time using multi-sensor GPS devices embedded inside the drums.



drop in cable theft


increase in full orders delivered on time (OTIF)


more drums returned


reduction in CO2 emissions

Nexans plants, supply chain

Nexans solutions

  • Make the supply chain more agile.
  • Simplify and secure the delivery of electrification projects.
  • Provide an easy-to-use product order and delivery management system.
  • Develop a solution to manage inventory and the supply chain end-to-end in real time.
  • Prevent counterfeiting with an authentication system for our cables.
  • Reduce on-site theft by using a geolocation system to monitor cables and drums remotely, and inform customers in real time of any unusual movements.
  • Plan maintenance by identifying problems before they occur.
  • Optimize resource allocation and cable supply, notably through residual length management and a streamlined drum collection process.
  • Cut installation time on site.
  • Reduce the carbon footprint by optimizing routes and encouraging reuse.
  • Enhance delivery performance and meet customer needs in tracking deliveries and cutting transport costs.

With its advanced software, Nexans Ultracker will optimize our supply chain capabilities while overseeing smooth and transparent cable deliveries for customers. As well as reassuring customers, this is yet another illustration of our cutting-edge technologies and ongoing commitment to R&D.

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Jérôme Fournier

Vice-President, Innovation, Services and Growth, Nexans

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