Electrification markets

We are present across the entire value chain in the fast-growing sector of electrification: from power generation to transmission and usage.


A cable manufacturer at the center of electrification markets

We provide the cables and associated services required to transmit electricity generated by renewable sources, interconnect grids, distribute electricity to communities and businesses, and supply power for homes.
At the heart of the electricity sector for over a century, we have developed unique expertise and know-how that we are using to build an all-electric future.
We have an essential role to play in the sustainable electrification of tomorrow’s world, for the greater good, making us a key player in the energy transition.

wind & solar farms

Power generation: a partner of choice for energy players

We supply cables to energy islands, wind farms and solar farms around the world. Using state-of-the-art technology, our cables can be adapted to a wide range of equipment. Designed for safety and efficiency, they make it possible to transform energy sources – particularly renewable sources – into electricity that can then be delivered to meet the needs of communities.

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Nexans’ activities in power generation


Offshore Wind Farms


Onshore Wind Farms


Solar Farms

cryogenic systems

Cryogenic systems

Nexans Skagerrak

Power transmission: linking countries for better energy reliability

We believe that a global approach is the only way to meet the challenges raised by the energy transition, particularly in terms of energy sharing and storage. We deploy land and subsea cables around the world, increasing interconnections between countries.

These sophisticated networks transmit energy from power plants to the load centers. Overhead and underground cables carry electricity to cities, communities and factories all over the world.

Our subsea cables, laid or buried under the seabed, link up distant regions and continents, fostering continuous energy exchanges.

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Nexans’ activities in power transmission

subsea cable

Subsea interconnection


Land interconnection


Energy distribution: reliability and safety

To ensure a continuous supply of energy, avoid blackouts and costly shutdowns, and promote the development of renewable energies, energy distribution systems need to accommodate and connect an ever-increasing variety of energy sources and meet constantly growing energy needs, while guaranteeing reliability along the chain.

Featuring state-of-the-art technology, our extra-high-voltage (EHV) and high-voltage (HV) cables are designed to transmit energy safely and with limited losses, for the benefit of communities and businesses the world over.

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Nexans’ activities in power distribution

distribution networks

Distribution networks

Superconducting cable



Energy usage: building a sustainable future

We are supporting the development of tomorrow’s urban centers and homes by meeting the needs of distributors and installers of electrical systems.

Our low-voltage cables connect distribution networks to power outlets in residential, commercial and industrial buildings, including data centers, hospitals and other infrastructures such as electric vehicle charging facilities.

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Nexans’ activities in power usage



electrical vehicles infrastructure

Electric vehicle grid

Other uses for cables: an essential component for many sectors

As world leaders in the design and manufacture of cable systems and services, we are also active in other sectors. We develop solutions for original equipment manufacturers (OEMs), energy engineering, supply and construction firms (EPCs) as well as automation companies.