Nexans Group has adopted a CSR approach aimed at developing human capital, corporate philanthropy actions and sustainable relations with stakeholders.


As a member of the United Nations Global Compact, Nexans is committed to supporting and implementing the ten universally accepted principles in the areas of human rights, labor, the environment and anti-corruption.

Following the creation of the CSR Department in 2011 and of the Nexans Foundation in 2013, each year the Group continues its actions to create a sustainable future for all. At its first ESG Day in November 2020, focused on Environment, Social and Governance initiatives, Nexans unveiled its ESG roadmap for 2020-2023, which is structured into key performance indicators and their targets.

These targets have been extended to 2024 to align the ESG roadmap with the company’s overarching corporate strategy. Taken together, the components in the ESG roadmap form an integral part of the performance criteria used to determine the remuneration of Nexans’ CEO and are incorporated into the long-term incentive plan for executive officers.

Our CSR policy is structured around three pillars:


To guarantee employee well-being and health at the workplace, raise their awareness about CSR, and build human capital.


To maintain a high standard of environmental management, reduce production waste, contribute to the energy transition and energy efficiency, reduce our impact on the climate, and improve the share of renewable, carbon‑free energy.


To maintain a compliant framework and fair business practices, maintain sustainable stakeholder relationships, and help underprivileged communities access energy through the Nexans Foundation.


Our employees embody our values in everyday actions

At Nexans, our corporate philosophy is based on three values: Pioneers, Dedicated and United. Our employees regularly have the opportunity to embody these principles in their everyday actions by applying the Code of Ethics and Business Conduct or by participating in sustainability projects. Each year, the Remarkable People program recognizes employees who stand out for their remarkable action that reflect the Group’s values.

Our inclusive workplace culture

At Nexans, we acknowledge and respect the diversity of our workforce, encompassing aspects like cultural background, gender, abilities, and individual personalities. We understand that these diverse attributes are what make each of our employees distinct and valuable. Our commitment is to foster an inclusive workplace that offers equal opportunities for involvement, expression, growth, and meaningful contribution to our company’s success. We also emphasize gender equality, recognizing its significance in mirroring the diversity of our customers, suppliers, and the communities in which we operate.

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A wide range of employee benefits

Employee health and well-being are a core part of Nexans’ CSR policy. Employees benefit from fitness programs and opportunities for internal or international mobility. The CSR department is also highly involved in employee training and in initiatives to raise their awareness to Nexans’ CSR ambition.

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An ecosystem for building resilience

As key stakeholders in the Nexans ecosystem, our suppliers adhere to our ethical, social and environmental standards. They are committed to implementing an action plan to continuously improve their CSR performance.

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Accountability and fair business practices

To ensure the Group’s success and growth, Nexans is committed to excellence and integrity in the way it conducts its business. Our Code of Ethics and Business Conduct provides guidelines for all our employees as well as for our customers in their choice of suppliers.

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Social philanthropy actions

Nexans’ corporate philanthropy actions have contributed to building the Group’s strong reputation by highlighting its skills and expertise. The Group is a partner in numerous initiatives in areas as diverse as health, sports, education and innovation.

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