Nexans employees appropriate the company’s culture through its values

Nexans, a key player in the energy transition, rallies its employees around its purpose—“Electrify the future”—and three compelling values: Pioneers, Dedicated, United. We are energy transition pioneers. We are dedicated to meeting the highest standards. We are united around our ambitious objective to Electrify the future. We are opening the way to the new, more electric, safer, more sustainable, more low-carbon world for everyone.

We instill these values into our employees’ everyday life and work through our Story Collection illustrating the principles with down-to-earth behavior.

We also created the Remarkable People program to shine a light on these values and our employees. On this program, managers choose a team or team member that has made a remarkable contribution over the year then present them to a selection committee. The selection committee then the Group’s executive committee review the submissions and single out the most outstanding ones. Since it started in 2016, this program has rewarded no fewer than 600 employees from all countries and levels in the organization.

Nexans is also committed to excellence and integrity in the way it conducts business around the world. Its Code of Ethics and Business Conduct sets out the fundamental values and ethics rules that all employees are required to abide by, with a particular focus on human rights. It is designed to help employees deal with complex questions or situations that may arise at work, for example involving propositions from customers or suppliers, how to behave with coworkers and whether specific dealings are legal or not. This guide is also a go-to resource for customers when they select suppliers.

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Drawing employee attention to sustainable development

Nexans relies on employee training and awareness to help it achieve its climate ambition. The Group also takes a variety of initiatives to involve employees in projects relating to sustainable development.

Planet Week

Nexans has organized its Planet Week at more than 70 sites and in 24 countries since 2021. During it, the Group holds a wide variety of workshops including a Climate Fresque ®, a climate-change awareness campaign and cleanup operations. This Week familiarizes employees with Nexans’ climate strategy and the concrete measures it is taking to reduce its greenhouse gas emissions.

CSR training

The Group introduced a CSR e-learning module in six languages in 2022, and about 1,000 people have taken it so far. In 2023 it added a course to heighten employee awareness of climate change, specifically aimed at deepening their understanding of the issues and of Nexans’ E3 (Economy, Environment, Engagement) performance management tool.

Supplier CSR Charter

As part of its responsible purchasing policy, the Nexans Group asks suppliers to sign its Supplier CSR Charter and implements corrective action plans with suppliers that do not meet its standards in this area.

Supporting committed partners

Nexans sponsors Fabrice Amedeo, a skipper and activist for environmental protection, fighting global warming and preserving oceans. Using sensors on his Nexans monohull, he collects data relating to CO2 or microplastics during races, and that data is then analyzed and made available to the international scientific community. Fabrice will race in the 2024 Vendée Globe on a boat powered by the wind, water and sun. Nexans has entirely restyled the boat and equipped it with aerospace and solar-energy cabling.


Sharing our know-how

Nexans considers that it has a duty to promote sustainable and responsible energy consumption at schools and universities, with customers and with any other group of people interested in learning more about the subject.

Training centers around the world

Several business units in France, Morocco, Côte d’Ivoire, Ghana, Colombia and Peru have training centers for electricians and installers.

Centre Noura in Casablanca, for instance, started up in 2008 and has a full-time tutor. It trains electricians to work on private home construction projects and keeps them updated on the latest safety measures relating to electrical installations. In addition to theory, it provides hands-on experience for learners to apply their new knowledge and sharpen their technical skills. This way, these electricians can constantly respond to evolving needs on the market and tap into new opportunities in the sector.

Liban Câble opened its solar-energy training center in Lebanon in 2022. It provides free-of-charge courses for people working in the field with a 50-hour program that includes hands-on experience. The curriculum covers subjects such as selecting the right system as well as installing it safely and properly. The center is meeting demand for rooftop solar panel fitters, which is booming due to the decline in electricity availability in the country’s public grid. It is also addressing the need to hone the workforce’s professional skills.

“What’s Watt”, Nexans’ YouTube channel

We use our YouTube channel, Whats’ Watt, to educate the public in the issues and challenges surrounding electricity. It features short videos providing simple and original explanations relating to electrification and why it is playing a vital role in today’s world. In 2023, What’s Watt had over 4,300 subscribers, most of whom were 18 to 34 years old, and each episode had been viewed 7,700 times or more.

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Measuring the feeling of belonging

The Group has been taking initiatives to strengthen its employees’ sense of belonging for several years. Staying in touch with them involves taking the organization’s “pulse” at regular intervals. To do that, the Group runs its Nexans Living Voices engagement survey every year. The goal, beyond fostering a feedback culture in the company, is to take action that brings about tangible improvement. Human resources managers are playing a key role in disseminating this feedback culture.

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