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Dear shareholders, this is your special area designed alongside the other sections, to keep you fully informed about the events shaping the Group in which you have invested.

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Becoming a shareholder

When you become a Nexans shareholder, you become the owner of a portion of its capital.

How to buy and hold Nexans shares?

To become a shareholder, there are 3 ways to hold shares: “direct registered shares”, “administrated registered shares” or “bearer shares”. Depending on the form of share ownership you choose, your point of contact will vary.

Christophe Allain at 2023 shareholders' meeting

Annual shareholders’ meetings

Shareholders of Nexans, you are invited to attend Nexans Shareholders’ Meeting – next one is May 16, 2024.

Annual General meeting


An energy transition player

Electricity has been in our DNA for 120 years. Today we are making all the right moves to sustainably electrify the future: pureplay over generalist, value over volume and simplicity over complexity.

Our story

A unique management model

E3 is a performance model developed by Nexans that builds profitability without growth by ending the silos between Economy, Environment, and Engagement.

Our strategy

Innovation beyond cables

We constantly innovate to create value for our customers. This includes developing advanced cabling systems, digital applications, and Internet of Things (IoT) solutions that deliver a step change in performance.

Discover our Fire Safety offer in this video.

Beyond cables

Sustainability at the heart of our strategy and operating model

As a leader in electrification markets, Nexans is a key player in the energy transition and sustainable development of communities.


We share our passion for electricity

In our WHAT’S WATT video series, our expert Frederic Lesur, discuss everything there is to discuss about electricity, from those little neurons in your brain to today’s biggest hydroelectric stations.

Discover WHAT’S WATT by Nexans