The smart buildings of the future: interconnected and sustainable

The residential and industrial buildings of the future will be more connected and more sustainable. The buildings of tomorrow will include sophisticated technologies for smart energy and safety management. These advances will meet the changing needs of society.

We are developing new solutions to electrify buildings and connect equipment, paving the way for smart energy management. Some of these solutions will be based on the principles of eco-design. Our cabling solutions will also contribute to better energy efficiency in buildings while ensuring user safety. Tomorrow’s buildings are taking shape today. We are already playing a central role in meeting the expectations of customers, building contractors, developers, architects, installers and systems integrators.

Challenges associated with the buildings of the future

By 2050, the global population will reach a record level of 9.6 billion. To respond to rapid population growth and meet environmental challenges, we need to build more smart residential buildings.

Tomorrow’s buildings will include an even higher level of electrification. This means more cables, connectors, systems and sub-systems to keep them running smoothly. They will also need smart, safe and sustainable solutions to become more resilient and energy-efficient.

The construction sector needs to change its working practices now in order to meet net zero targets by 2050. Existing buildings will need to achieve far better levels of energy performance to satisfy environmental standards, while new constructions will need to factor in these requirements ahead of time.

Green or sustainable construction is the new norm for stakeholders across the value chain of construction projects. Owners, engineers and architects are looking for new strategies to build sustainable constructions and structures that will appeal to both buyers and tenants. They have made environmental characteristics their main focus, in order to increase the green value of their investments.

We are aware of the challenges associated with the new electrification requirements of residential and industrial buildings. With our unique R&D capabilities, we are always one step ahead, at the forefront of innovation with solutions that are continuously raising standards in safety, durability and efficiency. Our Fire Safety range is just one example. We are constantly adapting to the changing needs of customers, delivering the very best in safety and sustainability.


of the global final energy consumption in 2021 was attributed to the operation of buildings (IEA)


of the devices in buildings require direct current to operate

By 2050

10 bn

individuals are expected to comprise the global population, necessitating an ever-increasing quantity of quality housing

Nexans solutions

  • Deliver safer energy for residential, commercial and industrial buildings and infrastructure, providing the power they need for interconnection, primarily through our advanced fire-resistant cabling solutions from the Nexans Fire Safety range.
  • Support our customers and partners in developing safe, sustainable electrification for their buildings, at every stage in the project lifecycle.
  • Supply smart packaging for easy worksite installation with the MOBIWAY range, and particularly MOBIWAY™ Un’Reel, designed to simplify and optimize the laying of low and medium-voltage cables by cable installers.
  • Provide our customers with the PEP ecopassport Ⓡ of our products, their environmental identity card.

Cables are a fundamental part of a building’s electrical infrastructure. Tomorrow’s buildings will be smart, connected and sustainable with a DC power supply. Reflecting its active commitment to this transformation, Nexans is manufacturing specific cable systems compatible with these new infrastructures.

Lina Ruiz

Head of the LVDC and MVDC technical platforms and new architectures at the Research and Regions Tech Centre, Nexans

Fire safety

Urban development and electrification are gaining ground, resulting in a growing number of electrical installations in all types of building. This results in an increased density of power networks and thus higher risks of fire. Prevention is the best way to reduce those risks and save lives.

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Our objectives

Innovate continuously

To remain at the cutting edge of safety, reliability, electrical performance and compliance with standards.

Build tomorrow’s buildings today

With specific solutions for residential, public and office buildings, as well as industrial sites.

Use digitalization

To create smarter, more intuitive management systems.

Nexans Mobiway for facilitating cable installation

The laying and unrolling of electrical cables to electrify tertiary buildings, whether medium or large in size, are complex operations requiring expertise and a sufficient number of skilled individuals. Cable drums are a crucial solution in this process, facilitating the transportation, movement, winding, and unwinding of cables. However, their handling often requires at least two installers due to their size and weight, which can be hazardous and necessitate additional tools. Associated risks include on-site accidents, worker health issues, and challenges in time management, costs, logistics, and technology. The Mobiway range offers a comprehensive list of dedicated solutions to better transport, move, and unroll each specific type of cable, saving you up to 30% of installation time on average.

Mobiway POP
Mobiway MOB

Mobiway MOB

The MOBIWAY™ MOB kit offers an innovative solution by simplifying the transport and handling of cable drums, promoting fast and safe cable installation with significant benefits in terms of safety, time, costs, durability, and connectivity. Its eco-designed packaging reduces its environmental footprint, making it an appealing solution for enhancing daily operations.

Mobiway UN’REEL

Mobiway UN’REEL simplifies cable installation using an intelligent unwinding system, providing speed, safety, and cost-effectiveness to installers worldwide. By reducing the need for labor on construction sites and avoiding the risks associated with handling heavy cable drums, this solution addresses the growing concerns regarding worker safety and health. Easy to move and install, it allows a single person to successfully complete the installation process, saving time and costs while offering increased safety. With its patented system, Mobiway UN’REEL adapts to various types of cables and job site configurations, ensuring efficient installation both on-site and in buildings.

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