Offshore wind farms


Offshore wind: fast-growing source of low-carbon energy

The potential of offshore wind power remains largely untapped. It is estimated that this technology could generate 420,000 TWh of power annually, or 18 times global electricity demand. Nexans has been present in this market since its beginnings, and is actively seeking to promote its international expansion.

Challenges facing the offshore wind turbine industry

Offshore wind power is a proven technology. Offshore wind farms use sea winds to generate electricity, harnessing the powerful, regular winds of the ocean environment. As a result, the energy generated by an offshore wind turbine is twice that of an onshore wind turbine with the same power rating.

The Global Wind Energy Council (GWEC) expects 380 GW of new offshore wind capacity to be added by 2032. In 2022, capacity totaled 64.3 GW, meaning that this sector will see rapid growth, estimated at between 50 and 60 GW per year from 2030 onwards, making a significant contribution to the goal set by the Science-based Targets Initiative (SBTi) for deep decarbonization of between 90 and 95% of emissions by 2050.

Within the European Union, offshore wind power capacity is expected to reach 300 GW by 2050, making it possible to supply power to 90 million European homes with a significantly smaller carbon footprint.

Nevertheless, in order to exploit the full potential of offshore energy, a number of challenges need to be addressed. To reach maturity, this promising sector will require an environment conducive to innovation and an efficient supply chain. On the regulatory front, the harmonization of processes, standards and regulations between countries will also be necessary to facilitate the deployment of offshore projects.

We are pioneers in the offshore wind industry. Our inter array and export cables carry power for the world’s first large-scale offshore wind farm project, Horns Rev in Denmark, commissioned in 2002. Over the past 20 years, we have taken part in over 50 wind farm projects in Europe and the United States.

64.3 GW

global offshore wind power capacity in 2022

380 GW

additional global wind power capacity by 2032

320 GW

of wind energy capacity to be installed
in the EU by 2030 (EWEA)


offshore wind farms were equipped with
subsea cables manufactured by Nexans, by late 2023


offshore wind farms are currently involved
being connecting to the grid by Nexans

Nexans solutions

  • Deliver turnkey solutions in our capacity as EPCI contractor (engineering, procurement, construction, installation) in order to minimize the risks inherent in export cable projects.
  • Develop innovative, resistant subsea cable systems, along with methods of protection and installation, and specialized services for offshore wind turbines.

Offshore wind power is the most promising source of renewable energy. By developing its full potential, we will be able to supply huge amounts of power to the grid and decarbonize energy.

At Nexans, we expect to see over 300 gigawatts of offshore wind farms installed by 2050, generating an amount of energy equivalent to 300 nuclear reactors. Our aim is therefore to produce renewable electricity that can be shared by several countries.

Maxime Toulotte

Markets & New Solutions Director in the Generation & Transmission business group, Nexans

Our objectives

  • Be at the forefront of the energy transition.
  • Connect renewable energy sources to as many consumers as possible.
  • Take part in the expansion of offshore wind infrastructure, primarily through the construction of new offshore wind farms and grid connections.
  • Encourage the development of floating offshore wind farms with dedicated solutions. This technology is a solution to issues arising from the installation of foundations in deep water.

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Offshore wind farms

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Offshore wind farms

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Offshore wind farms

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