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MOBIWAY™ MOB, an innovative cable unwinding system

Nexans Mobiway has been redesigned to improve its capabilities: transport, installation, stability; and to reduce its environmental footprint.


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faster to install your cables

76 %

recycled content inside plastic (rABS)

Today, the installation and unwinding of electric cables to electrify tertiary buildings (medium or large) is a difficult operation making site management complex. The transport of the cable, its winding and unwinding require expertise and a number of competent people to be able to carry out this operation.

Reels are a solution that allows the transport, movement, winding and unwinding of cables, which makes them important elements in this process of unwinding electrical cables.

However, the handling of the reel must be carried out by at least 2 installers, because cable reels are often difficult to handle, due to their size and weight. In addition, it can be dangerous and require additional tools.

You may also face major risks:

  • Humans: on-site accidents, musculoskeletal diseases, motivation and commitment of employees on construction sites, safety.
  • Time control and cost optimization: cable installation is an operation that can take time and several resources, two important issues to reduce for any site manager.
  • Technological: having the right tools on site.
  • Logistics: on-time delivery management, flow management, inventory management.

To get your MOB kit, you just need:

  • 1 MOBIWAY™ MOB compatible drum
  • 2 MOBIWAY™ MOB flanges

Transport and unroll your cable with 2 clips

  • Snap the MOBIWAY™ MOB flanges onto the MOBIWAY™ MOB drum & lock them into place
  • Open the handles to easily carry the drum, by one or 2 people depending on the weight left on the drum
  • Put the drum down and click the handles into the standing position
  • Unwind the cable
  • When the drum is empty, simply unlock the MOBIWAY™ MOB flanges and reuse them on a new MOBIWAY™ MOB drum.

MOBIWAY™ MOB a unique solution to positively impact your day to day operations

The new MOBIWAY™ MOB is smart and its packaging has been eco-designed to reduce its environmental footprint: 76% recycled content inside plastic (rABS).

MOBIWAY™ MOB is full of benefits:

  • Safety first: reduce number of potential accidents or injuries.
  • Cost & time savings: 2 times faster to install your cables than without Mobiway. Save time and efforts, reduce the time required to install your cables.
  • Sustainability
  • Effortless transportation & storage
  • Ergonomics stability & easy installation
  • Connected solutions: to help you find the latest documentation and support: connect to our Mobiway range through QR Code scanning.
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