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Enjoy your day at work with our Easy™ range

EQLQ Easy®

The Easy™ product family is a comprehensive range of installation and power cables that make work easier and more convenient.

All Easy™ cables are easier to strip, more convenient to work with and safer to use. And they are all halogen-free so they are a low fire hazard. There is a lower risk of injury if a fire breaks out, while offering significant financial benefits thanks to easier post-fire restoration.

The Easy™ product family simply makes work more enjoyable, while saving you time and preventing injury.

Easy™ cables all share these unique features:

  • Easy to strip 
  • Less time and money
  • Fewer injuries at work
  • Talc free
  • Halogen free – saving lives and money

In addition to the standard properties, the new EXQ Easy™ cable includes the following properties

  • Extremely easy to strip
  • Small outer diameter, for easy installation
  • Talc free
  • Small bending radius
  • Easy and good to bend 
  • Scratch-resistant and smooth outer sheath surface 
  • Easy to clamp 
  • UV-protected outer sheath

And now a new packaging

Common to Nexans Easy ™ cables is that they are easily scaled, speech free, halogen free, save time and reduce work injuries. In addition, they are now in a convenient package that makes it easier to choose Nexans Easy ™ cables.

The cables in the new package are EXQ Easy ™ and EQLQ Easy®.


Our new box is not only square, it makes your everyday life easier.


- The handles are integrated and grip-friendly which makes it easy and ergonomic to carry.

- A stable construction of heavy cardboard, treated to withstand tough usage and moisture.

- Has an opening that can reclose, which makes the cable stay in place and stays clean.

- Easy to stack (saves space) and stays in place during transportation.

- Visible labeling with clear information makes it easy to find and choose the correct Easy™-cable.

- Recyclable to 100 percent.

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