Cellino San Marco: major solar PV plant in Italy

43 MV

capacity generated

+1,000 km

of Nexans cables


Schneider Electric


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In 2010, Nexans partnered with Schneider Electric to supply ENERGYFLEX® PV cables for a significant project in the Puglia region of Italy. The Cellino San Marco (CSM) Solar Plant, largest solar PV project in Italy at this time, involved the installation of 580,000 panels and aimed to generate clean energy for 18,000 households while offseting 28,000 tons of carbon dioxide emissions (CO2) per year.


The project faced several challenges, including the need for cables with exceptional reliability, durability, and high performance for in-field connections between PV panels and inverters. Additionally, there was a tight delivery schedule of 2 ½ months.

56,000 MWh

of electricity generated annually

100 ha

covered by the project


households provided with clean energy

Nexans implication

Nexans played a crucial role in meeting the project’s cable requirements and delivery deadlines. Our involvement included:

  1. Supplying 1,000 km of cables, including 212 km of cable with a single 6 mm2 copper core and 804 km of cable with a single 10 mm² copper core. The cables comprise both standard ENERGYFLEX® and ENERGYFLEX® One Stripe featuring a colored red or blue strip for ease of identification.
  2. Offering a fast response to meet the tight delivery schedule, demonstrating Nexans’ commitment to customer satisfaction, the cables were installed at the site between March and June 2010.
  3. Supporting Schneider Electric in creating the underground cable network by supplying bare Nexans cable with a copper cross-section of 35 mm².

In 2010, the Cellino San Marco project, comprising 580,000 panels, is the largest solar photovoltaic project in Italy to have reached financial close.

Through its collaboration with Schneider Electric on the CSM Solar Plant project, Nexans demonstrated its expertise in providing reliable and high-performance cables for renewable energy installations. The successful completion of the project highlights Nexans’ commitment to sustainability and innovation in the energy sector.

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About ENERGYFLEX® PV cable

Nexans ENERGYFLEX® PV cable for solar panels provides high-performance, easy installation, long-term reliability and recyclability at the end of its service life. Manufactured from polyolefin, this double-insulated, single-wire cable will carry 1,8 kV DC efficiently and for many decades. It not only meets current regulations and certifications (such as TUV and France’s UTE 32-502) but surpasses many requirements in terms of temperature resistance, outdoor survival when exposed to ozone and UV light, resistance to rodent or insect attack and long-term operability. ENERGYFLEX® cable features halogen-free compounds that ensure optimum fire protection, while meeting the latest RoHS directives restricting the use of hazardous substances in electrical and electronic equipment.

ENERGYFLEX® cables form part of the KEYLIOSTM range developed by Nexans to cover every type of cable needed for a residential, commercial or solar farm PV installation. The comprehensive KEYLIOSTM approach also adds a number of essential services for developers and operators of PV projects: from monitoring and control services through Intelligent Internet Gateways to Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) and simulation.

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