4 onshore wind farms in Italy

143 MW

total capacity of the four onshore wind farms

400 km

of buried shockproof MV cables




Onshore wind farms





In 2022, Nexans has embarked on a significant endeavor to contribute to Italy’s energy transition. In collaboration with ERG, a leading company in the wind power sector in Italy, Nexans secured a contract to support the repowering of four onshore wind farms in Sicily. These farms should produce 330 GWh per year, representing consumption of 100,000 houses and 166,000 tons of CO2 emissions avoided each year. The project aims to enhance energy production capacity, reduce carbon emissions, and advance the adoption of renewable energy sources within Italy’s energy landscape.


The project faced several challenges, including the need for advanced cable technologies, efficient delivery timelines (between May and October 2022), and the integration of digital solutions for enhanced project management. Additionally, ensuring environmental sustainability and optimizing the total cost of ownership were crucial considerations for the success of the project.

143 MW

total capacity of the 4 wind farms

330 GWh

projected annual energy production


households’ equivalent energy consumption

Nexans implication

Nexans played a pivotal role in the project by offering a comprehensive solution that included cables, accessories, engineering services, and the innovative ULTRACKER digital solution. The company provided more than 400 kilometers of directly buried shockproof MV cables along with 33kV accessories, thereby improving the project’s total cost of ownership (TCO) and reducing environmental impact. Additionally, Nexans provided engineering services to optimize the collector design and grid connection for the wind farms.

The cables were manufactured at Nexans’ Battipaglia plant in the south of Italy, while the accessories were manufactured at Nexans’ Offida plant located on the East coast of Italy.

Nexans’ ULTRACKER digital solution marked a significant advancement in project management, allowing real-time visualization of cable deliveries, drum locations on-site, and monitoring of installation progress. This implementation of digital solutions in the Italian context showcased Nexans’ commitment to innovation and technological leadership in the energy sector.

Nexans’ advanced cable solutions, accessories and services provide our customers with transparent and smooth cable installation. Not only does this help put customers’ minds at ease, it’s also another example of our cutting-edge technology and ongoing commitment to R&D. ERG is a leading business in the Italian wind power sector and our ongoing partnership with them is just another step in Nexans’ journey to contribute to the energy transition and sustainable electrification in Italy.

Giovanni Fenoglio

CEO & Sales Director, Nexans Italia

Through its collaboration with ERG in the repowering of wind farms in Sicily, Nexans solidifies its position as a key player in Italy’s energy transition. The project not only enhances renewable energy capacity but also demonstrates the efficacy of advanced cable technologies and digital solutions in facilitating sustainable electrification.

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Onshore wind farms

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Onshore wind farms

4 onshore wind farms in Italy
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Onshore wind farms

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