Nexans to sponsor the restoration of Notre-Dame de Paris Cathedral
02 February 2023
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Notre-Dame de Paris Cathedral - David Bordes ©Etablissement public RNDP

Nexans has announced a sponsorship agreement with the public body and project owner overseeing the conservation and restoration of Notre-Dame de Paris cathedral, playing an important role in the preservation of the French heritage. The Group is providing its expertise in fire safety cable solutions, with a commitment to donate nearly 200 km of Nexans Alsecure® low-fire hazard cables to the cathedral restoration project.

These cables will be used to deliver electricity, and will equip Notre-Dame de Paris with cutting-edge fire safety technologies. The Nexans Alsecure® low-fire hazard cables produced and supplied by the group can significantly slow down the spread of fires. They also reduce hazardous gas emissions and facilitate evacuations by ensuring low smoke emissions. This type of cable is already used in French establishments open to the public, such as kindergarten and hospitals. It is an integral part of Nexans’ commitment to anticipating fire risks, securing assets, and protecting life.

As a sponsor, Nexans is proud to be associated with the restoration of the cathedral – a universal symbol both of Paris and of France – and to contribute to conserving French heritage. Our employees are all set to take part in this joint adventure, embodying the ‘unity’ that is one of Nexans’ core values.

Christopher Guérin
Christopher Guérin

CEO, Nexans

This commitment is made possible by the significant mobilization of the Group’s employees at the Mehun-sur-Yèvre (Cher) and Autun (Saône-et-Loire) production sites. The deliveries of cables from the two sites will start in summer 2023.

It is our pleasure to receive Nexans’ sponsorship in kind. The group is offering us its expertise in fireproof electrical cables, which are needed for the cathedral’s reopening in 2024. We take great care to provide the cathedral with the very best products and equipment, particularly in terms of fire safety. We are delighted that French know-how has once again played a role in the restoration of Notre-Dame de Paris. It is France’s good fortune that companies like Nexans are lending their support to the revival of our heritage.

Jean-Louis Georgelin

General, Special representative of the French President of the Republic, President of the Public Body, Responsible for the conservation and restauration, Notre-Dame de Paris Cathedral

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