Nexans Morocco launches the Nexans Climate Challenge
20 June 2023
3 min

Nexans Morocco launches the first edition of the “Nexans Climate Challenge”. The competition aims to encourage climate innovation by rewarding the most promising projects in this field.

The challenge is open to all project holders, whether in corporate or academic sector, as well as start-ups, who are developing innovative solutions to combat climate change. Candidates can submit their projects in one of the following four categories: renewable energies, energy efficiency, sustainable mobility and circular economy.

Projects will be evaluated by a jury composed of experts from Nexans and the energy and climate domain ecosystem, based on several criteria, such as environmental impact, innovation, economic viability and feasibility. As a result, the winners of the “Nexans Climate Challenge” will receive financial support and have the opportunity to collaborate with Nexans on future projects to promote the development of innovative sustainable solutions.

Three winning projects will be selected by the jury and rewarded in 2024 during the 4th edition of Nexans Climate Day.

The Nexans Climate Challenge provides a unique opportunity for innovative project holders to gain visibility and recognition on a global scale. It also aims to serve as a platform for collaboration and partnership with Nexans and other stakeholders in the fields of energy transition and sustainable development.

We firmly believe that creativity and innovation are essential to finding sustainable and effective solutions to protect our planet. That’s why we launched the “Nexans Climate Challenge” to support and encourage entrepreneurs and innovators working on this crucial issue.

Selma Alami
Selma Alami

Managing Director, Nexans North & West Africa

This Climate Challenge reflects Nexans’ commitment to tackling climate change and promoting sustainable development. The competition is part of the Group’s broader strategy to transition to a low-carbon future and support the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals.

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