Nexans has signed a large contract with KGHM for the supply of copper cathodes
Raw materials
16 February 2023
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copper cathodes at Nexans Lens ©Eric Flogny

The growing development in electrification, and the strategic role of copper in the energy transition – leading to forecast raw material scarcity, is at the heart of Nexans concerns.

Nexans’ understanding of the electrification ecosystems and their medium- and long-term challenges commands strong strategic choices, such as the decision to guarantee the copper supply chain through vertical integration of the Metallurgy business, associated to long term supply contracts with upstream and downstream partners.

Nexans has signed a large contract with KGHM for the supply of copper cathodes in the years 2023-2027. The contract foresees the annual delivery of nearly 22.8 thousand to over 27.8 thousand tonnes of cathodes.

KGHM’s copper cathodes are a product with the highest proven quality, and this subsequent contract with Nexans is not just an expression of trust and satisfaction of our customers, but it also represents a commitment by us to ensure the highest level of performance in our work. We are currently striving vigorously to ensure not only that our copper is of the highest quality, but that it is produced in the most efficient and environmentally friendly way.

Mirosław Kidoń

Vice President of the Management Board, KGHM (International Assets)

Nexans strongly values its durable business relationship with KGHM: we have chosen to engage on a 5-year Evergreen contract with them to secure a large part of our future cathode needs for our French rodmill in Lens. Our common willingness to formalize a long-term commitment will enable Nexans to continue to benefit from superior cathode quality and stability, allied to an efficient and low-carbon supply chain by rail between Poland and France.

Christophe Allain

Global Portfolio Director, Non Ferrous Metals, Nexans

Nexans and the copper smelters/refineries of KGHM have joined the Copper Mark to promote responsible copper production globally. KGHM’s long term cooperation with Nexans started in the 1970’s and is one of the oldest of the Group.

As a leader in the design and manufacturing of cable systems and services, Nexans is committed to electrifying the future along the entire value chain, from generation and transmission to distribution and usages.

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