Nexans globally united for a successful fourth Planet Week
05 June 2024
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2024 Planet Week in Chile

Nexans celebrated its 4th annual internal Planet Week across many locations worldwide. Packed with eye-opening conversations, knowledge-sharing workshops, and effective initiatives, the occasion inspired increased awareness and involvement in reaching Nexans’ climate objectives.

Participants eagerly joined expert-led talks, Climate Fresk® workshops, tried fun trivia contests, and got hands-on with environmental impact reduction job like running secondhand marketplaces and sharing tips about reforestation projects. Imaginative projects bloomed, stretching from cutting-edge eco-runs to setting up homes for pollinators and looking after buzzing beehives.

Standouts from diverse divisions displayed groups spearheading clean-ups, teaching recycling methods, and broadcasting educational movies. Teammates set up learning labs, and managed a neighborhood artwork challenge addressing climate matters. Associates undertook coastal maintenance, backed waste minimization plans, and promoted special menus with fresh, organic products and sourced locally.

Such incredible examples of harmony underline Nexans’ unwavering promise to create a thriving, long-lasting impression, enhancing the brand’s image as an electrification pure player. Collaborating inside and outside departments, Nexans confirms that combined efforts foster enthusiasm for raising employee awareness and understanding of climate and environmental issues, highlighting the necessity of taking action in daily job.

2024 Planet Week in Chile


2024 Planet Week in QICC


2024 Planet Week in Halden, Norway


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2024 Planet Week in Chile


05 June 2024

Nexans globally united for a successful Fourth Planet Week

Discover how Nexans united for their 4th annual Internal Planet Week, boosting climate action awareness and driving sustainable initiatives.



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