Harnessing the power of sun: Nexans’ solar rooftop inauguration in Turkey
13 September 2023
4 min
Nexans Denizli

On September 6, Nexans Turkey‘s team unveiled its latest environmental initiative: the solar power facility adorning the roof of Nexans’ Denizli plant.

In a major step towards sustainability and environmental responsibility, and one year after the launch of the project, the solar roof has successfully been inaugurated, in attendance of Nexans figures and local authorities. This ambitious initiative is key towards an eco-conscious future: the system will reduce the plant’s CO2 emissions by an impressive 600 tons per year.

The solar roof implementation aligns perfectly with Nexans’ contribution to carbon neutrality for 2030. It also directly matches Nexans E3 strategy, combining Economy, Environment and Engagement, and promoting sustainable practices across the company.

The 1MW solar rooftop is now operational, making it a tangible example of how sustainable energy solutions can be integrated into industrial settings.

That is why the Denizli plant’s solar rooftop inauguration is not only a milestone but also a promise to the planet. By harnessing the power of sun, Nexans Turkey further emphasizes its dedication to environmental excellence.

Solar rooftop inauguration at Nexans Denizli plant
Omar Monajjed, Karima Cherifi, Atilla Kurtiş, Jean Mouton, Necati Gunendi inaugurating Nexans’ Denizli solar rooftop

Harnessing the power of solar energy, our solar rooftop stands as a testimonial to our commitment to environmental responsibility. We remain steadfast in our dedication to sustainable practices and will continue to drive positive change within our organization and beyond.

Atilla Kurtiş

Vice President, Nexans Turkey & Central Asia

Solar power facility installation at Nexans’ Denizli plant

But the commitment to sustainability doesn’t stop at the plant’s rooftop. On the same day, the solar facility in DOÇEM’s school, a Fondation Nexans CSR project that Nexans Turkey has fervently supported, was also inaugurated.

DOÇEM is a renowned school that provides special education for autistic children. The solar roof installation fully meets the power requirements, substituting for conventional power sources, and is poised to make a real difference in the lives of more than 340 children each year.

It is such a pride to receive the aid of Fondation Nexans, proving the rigor of our project. We are glad that the power needs of our school, especially designed considering the needs of our children, will be met using environment-friendly solar energy panels.

Ali Abalıoğlu

Chairman of board of Directors, Cafer Sadik Abalioğlu Foundation for Education and Culture

This heartwarming project showcases Nexans Turkey’s engagement beyond corporate borders, making a positive impact on the local community.

Both solar roof installations underscore Nexans dedication to environmental responsibility and its determination to align with its E3 vision. By reducing carbon emissions, harnessing solar energy, and giving back to the local community, Nexans Turkey sets a stellar example for corporate sustainability initiatives.

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