Fondation Nexans: 10 years of empowering underprivileged communities with sustainable electricity
10 May 2023
5 min

As the Fondation Nexans celebrates its 10th anniversary, Nexans looks back with pride at the impact made in bringing electricity, education and sustainable development to underprivileged populations worldwide.

Over the past decade, the Foundation has supported over 145 projects across five continents, benefiting more than 2.2 million people. It owes this success to the dedication of its partner NGOs and the hard work of the Group’s employees.

In 2013, Nexans became the first player in the cable industry to establish a Corporate Foundation devoted to serving the public interest. Its creation was a natural extension of the Group’s commitment to professionalizing international initiatives for the development of electrification for underprivileged populations by placing them in a common perspective.

The Fondation Nexans has the following objectives:

  • Support actions to provide access to energy for underprivileged populations worldwide by favoring organizations close to the field and reliable and sustainable solutions.
  • Support the education and training of populations in technical, energy, and environmental fields.
  • Support environmental studies related to electrification, including climate, energy sobriety, protection of resources, and biodiversity.

The Foundation is highly selective in its choice of projects, prioritizing those with the greatest social and environmental impact, particularly in bringing electricity to local communities.

I would like to express my gratitude to all the NGOs working with the Fondation Nexans over the last decade. Thank you for your engagement by our side and all the fantastic projects you are doing for the populations with the greatest needs.

Christopher Guérin
Christopher Guérin

President of the Fondation Nexans and CEO, Nexans

Going even further

This year, the Fondation Nexans’ budget has been increased by 30%, which will enable it to expand its reach and support even more impactful projects in the future. With this strengthened impact objective, the Foundation will be perfectly in line with the Group’s strategy for sustainable electrification, accessible to all.

NGOs present at Fondation Nexans celebration

10 years celebration event in Paris

On May 3rd, the Fondation Nexans hosted a roundtable discussion focused on Ensuring universal access to affordable, reliable, and sustainable energy.

The panel discussion featured four NGOs supported by the Foundation: Fondem (la Fondation Énergies pour le Monde), Women of Africa, SHEKINA and TECHO.

Find out more about the key learnings of this event
NGOs present at Fondation Nexans celebration

Fondem, Geres, Women of Africa, Shekina and Fondation Nexans at Nexans Paris headquarter

Christopher Guérin at Fondation Nexans' 10 years celebration

Christopher Guérin

Fondation Nexans 10 years celebration, roundtable

Madeleine Fauchier, Yvane Bohoussou, Ange-Eric Kouassi, Olivier Chevreau – On screen: Camilo Elton, Pablo Undurraga

NGOs present at Fondation Nexans celebration

Fondem, Geres, Women of Africa, Fondation Nexans, Shekina at Nexans Paris headquarter

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