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The world leading cable & system manufacturer Nexans attended 2019 China International Industrial Fair (CIIF), presenting both its premium global technology and innovative local services. As a brand-new introduction to China market, MOTIONLINE® automation cables hit in this year’s show. CIIF, an UFI approved event, has now become one of the most influential events for manufacturing in China.




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MOTIONLINE® automation cables debut at 2019 CIIF

There are well over a million and a half industrial robots in operation worldwide, and China has become the most intensive robotic user in highly automated manufacturing with a share of some 20%. In the next few years, robot installations are set to increase by about 12% annually, driven by the increasing demands for energy-efficient products and global competition among robot accessories suppliers. As for a cable company trying to better adapt to China market, the key point is to provide an improved total solution which satisfies the local customers.

“Research, development and testing is at the heart of Nexans’ commitment to excellence for automation cables.”, said Julien HUEBER, Executive Vice President, Industry & Solutions Projects (ISP) & Asia Pacific Area., “ Nexans has especially created a Motion Application Centre facility designed to test automation cabling performances by exposing cables to dynamic operating loads that simulate realistic conditions for required bending, torsional strength, and tension; ensuring the high performances of the automation cables and meet with the customers’ critical requirements.”

MOTIONLINE® cables deliver comprehensive service capability for Industrial Automation from miniature control cables to discrete power cables and industrial Ethernet cables. It also encompasses hybrid cables that unify power and signal cores within single cable cross-section. As mentioned by Julien HUEBER, MOTIONLINE® “will keep delivering reliably high performance whether they’re being used in chain, bus, robotic, sensor, or control applications, even at operating speeds hitting 300m per minute.”

In addition to the advanced technology, Nexans’s technical support is tailored to the needs of the individual Chinese customer which aligns with its international solutions and standards. “Not only this is our responsibility to customers, it is also our commitment to the society.” Julien HUEBER promised to us, “Nexans will continue to understand Chinese customers’ requirement and be a trustworthy support for them.

Every cable under the MOTIONLINE® branding conforms to all major International Safety Standards, including VDE, UL, CSA, ANSI, and CCC. They’re fire and heat-resistant for the sake of driving safety and performance, impervious to oils, fats, and other chemical agents.


“ Research, development and testing is at the heart of Nexans’ commitment to excellence for automation cables. ”


Executive Vice President, Industry & Solutions Projects (ISP) & Asia Pacific Area
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