Cables of flexible, strong and compact design for automated processes

Automation is gaining momentum from year to year, building on the advances of Industry 4.0. Robots, systems and computers are increasingly able to replace humans in carrying out a range of tasks, both simple and complex. These sophisticated technologies require a wide range of cables. At Nexans, we have cable ranges to suit every function and every environment.

Challenges associated with industrial automation

Since its beginnings, automation has brought improvements in operational efficiency, safety, quality and reliability, while reducing energy consumption. It has numerous applications in a wide range of sectors. Today, it is taking on even greater importance in the light of the ongoing transition to renewable energies.

Building on the advances of Industry 4.0, automated systems are becoming increasingly sophisticated. The Internet of Things (IoT) is helping to interconnect more components and systems. More complex tasks involving decision-making and analysis can also be carried out using automated systems.

Automation improves the efficiency of industrial processes. In the energy sector, it is contributing to the integration of renewable energies, intelligent network management, facility monitoring, and the regulation of production and distribution.

In the fast-changing field of automation, our high-performance cables have a key role to play in equipping growing numbers of increasingly sophisticated systems. We have been partnering the industry leaders for over 25 years. During this period, we have gained cutting-edge expertise in automation, and developed proven solutions tailored to each industrial application.


553,052 industrial robots installed in 2022

Nexans solutions

  • Develop efficient, compact, lightweight solutions, specifically for sensors, actuators, alarm systems and other small devices.
  • Design innovative, reliable, compact and lightweight cables that are easy to lay, such as MOTIONLINE®, a single twisted-pair Ethernet cable, suitable for small equipment and drag chain applications.
  • Develop solutions to avoid flame propagation, such as the HALEX and PUR cables, which are halogen-free. This characteristic delays the spread of fire. Unlike PVC cables, this type of cable releases no toxic or irritant gases in the event of fire. Further, the sheath resists abrasion, oils and cooling lubricants.

“Our global capabilities include three plants dedicated to the production of dynamic cables. Our expertise is supporting major machine builders, OEMs and robot manufacturers all over the world.”

Our objectives

  • Manage the complete cable lifecycle, from raw materials to design, manufacturing, testing, delivery and support.
  • Meet requirements for flexible production lines through cross-industry compatibility, compliance with international standards and fast delivery.

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