Supplier CSR Charter

For a sustainable future

CSR is at the heart of Nexans’ strategy

Nexans commits to respect fundamental Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) principles, in the areas of:

  • Human Rights & Labour Standards
  • Environment & Product
  • Ethics and Business Conduct: the fight against corruption wherever we operate, whoever we work with

Nexans expects its suppliers to respect the same principles.

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To illustrate the CSR principles in practical terms, the present Charter contains examples of indicators monitored by suppliers with good CSR performance

1. Human rights & Labour standards

  • Are your workers provided with a writ ten employment agreement in their native language that contains a description of terms and conditions of employment?
  • Do you have a whistle blowing line for harassment?
  • Are your plants equipped with a time clocking device?
  • Does your company monitor the number and severity of accidents? Is your machinery which presents an injury hazard to workers protected by barriers or physical guards?
  • When applicable, does your company update the Conflict Minerals Reporting Template (CMRT) every year?

2. Environment

  • Is your company ISO 14001 certified? Does your company monitor water/energy consumption, the use of non-renewable resources and/or greenhouse gas emissions?
  • Does your company have a life cycle assessment process (ISO 14040)?
  • Does your company measure its Carbon Footprint (ISO 14067) or comply with the Environmental Product Declaration (ISO 14025)?
  • Have any of your products obtained a responsible production certification?
  • Does your company monitor waste reduction and waste valorisation? Has your company taken action to reduce packaging?

3. Ethics and business conduct

  • Does your company have internal procedures to ensure compliance with anti-corruption laws, such as the review and approval of all sales intermediaries?
  • Does your company have an internal policy to approve and record personal expenses, gifts, hospitality and entertainment expenses?
  • Has your company established a policy about meeting with competitors?
  • Does your company have an ethics incident reporting system? Do your employees receive training, to enable them to identify a conflict of interest situation?

Continuous commitment to CSR

Nexans’ objective is to build long-term relationships with its suppliers. Improvement in CSR area contributes to strengthen these relationships. A key element of the continuous improvement of Nexans own CSR performance is our work with our suppliers.

Whatever the current CSR performance of a supplier, Nexans values suppliers who are motivated to implement further actions for sustainable development. By signing this Charter, Nexans suppliers formally commit to respect the above-described CSR principles and to improve their CSR performance whenever possible.

Alert procedure

Any supplier may use the Nexans Incident Reporting System available online to report any suspicion of infringement of any commitment mentioned in the present Charter, including:

  • Corruption
  • Anti-competitive practices
  • Conflicts of interest
  • Finance / banking / accounting malpractice
  • Confidentiality
  • Intellectual property rights
  • Child / forced labour / Human Rights
  • Harassment / discrimination
  • Health, safety and hygiene at work
  • Environmental issues
Ethics alert system

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