AmpaCity, continuous innovation to accelerate the electrification of the future

Inauguration of Nexans global innovation center

On Wednesday, June 29, 2022, Nexans' global innovation center was officially inaugurated in the presence of Christophe Guérin, Nexans CEO, Jérôme Fournier, Corporate Vice President Innovation, Services & Growth, partners and officials.

A symbol of Nexans' ambition to become a pure player in the electricity industry, AmpaCity brings approximately 100 engineers, researchers and technicians together to work on the electrical technology of the future. Nexans invested 20 million euros in this new 6,000 m2 R&D site.

Innovation, a priority

With new digital services, data-driven network management tools, and the integration of recycled materials, this hub brings together diverse minds to develop innovations for safer, more sustainable and decarbonized electricity. This facility is crucial at a time when the demand for electricity could increase by up to 40% by 2040.

Thanks to the knowledge and understanding of its employees and its global innovation network, AmpaCity will research solutions to increase energy output, improve the reliability, resilience and security of the grid, accelerate installation projects, and guarantee competitiveness and accessibility to electricity by developing interconnections between countries, for example. All of these innovations are focused on reducing the impact on the environment, notably through the use of new materials.


A name full of meaning

Ampacity is the maximum current that can be passed through a cable while ensuring its reliability and safety, and serves as a perfect illustration of Nexans' major challenges.

Welcome to AmpaCity, Nexans global innovation hub


The challenges to sustainably electrify the world requires the involvement of the best specialists to solve problems. Through their use of digital technology, Nexans will anticipate risks, monitor the state of networks, and be able to make decisions by taking into account all of the information available.

# Leading provider of cables and solutions

Nexans is the first cable and solutions provider to combine its expertise with the expertise of asset managers to form a holistic vision in which the digital or management expert is enriched by the irreplaceable experience of the operator.

Testimony from Matteo Caldognetto, International Market Director at Sonepar

Matteo Caldognetto talks about the innovations at AmpaCity, Nexans innovation center.

Ultracker, Microsoft, IoT, IA, services cloud, geolocation, Nexans
Ultracker with Microsoft

Ultracker is a set of solutions ensuring supply chain continuity by leveraging the Internet of Things (IoT), artificial intelligence (AI) and cloud services.

This solution optimizes costs while enriching the customer experience by utilizing geolocating equipment, tracking orders, and fighting against equipment theft.

Learn more about Ultracker
Asset Electrical with Cosmo Tech

Asset Electrical creates a model that faithfully reproduces the network and its management system.

Our customers can simulate the risks and consequences of their decisions and make the best investment choices to continuously improve electrical networks.

For the first time, the modeling can also evaluate the carbon footprint generated by the decisions.

Learn more about Asset Electrical
Nexans, Cosmo Tech, asset electrical, digital twins
Testimony from Elise Cabrol, Regional Director for Enedis in metropolitan Lyon

Elise Cabrol talks about electrification challenges presented at AmpaCity.

Testimony from Elise Cabrol, Regional Director for Enedis in metropolitan Lyon

Elise Cabrol talks about electrification challenges presented at AmpaCity.

# Fire safety revolutionized

The accelerating electrification of our societies is also accompanied by the increased spread of fires. Today, a fire related to an electrical failure occurs every two minutes in Europe. Nexans is revolutionizing the safety of buildings and homes with its new electrical cables. The cables will be more fire resistant than they are today, more efficient, and they remain functional when exposed to more than 1,000°C, continuing to supply energy to safety devices such as alarms, fire doors, or emergency lighting during a fire emergency.

# Anticipating giant outages

Correctly monitoring the network is important in the fight against blackouts. With its innovative Grid Sensing technology, Nexans will be able to precisely monitor the network, and locate any fault on their cables, allowing for a quick and accurate response without having to audit the entire network to locate the fault.

# More energy from superconductors

Nexans' role does not end with the transmission of energy from the generation sources. After generations and transmission, electricity must be distributed into the heart of cities and towns, through highly urbanized, suburban, or rural areas. Nexans is a pioneer in distribution with its superconductor cable.

Powerful and discreet, it can carry up to 3 GW of electricity while being less than 20 cm in diameter, the equivalent power of three nuclear reactors. The cable's outer sheath is resistant up to 500,000 volts; more than the 200,000 volts supported by electrical pylons.

Jérôme Fournier, Nexans, Corporate Vice President Innovation, Services & Growth
“ This research and innovation center showcases the Group’s innovative spirit. Our teams are always looking for ways to optimize grid performance in terms of power, efficiency, safety and sustainability. ”
Jérôme Fournier
Corporate Vice President Innovation, Services & Growth
Testimony from Fabrice Amedeo, skipper of the Nexans boat

Fabrice Amedeo talks about AmpaCity, the Nexans innovation center for sustainable electrification.

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