Promoting environmental awareness in the construction sector
Sustainable construction
07 August 2023
6 min
Sustainable construction event, by Indeco by Nexans

Insights from ‘Sustainable Construction: Shaping the Future’ event

In a significant gathering named “Sustainable Construction: Shaping the Future“, hosted by Indeco by Nexans in Lima on August 4th, industry leaders, public and private stakeholders, guild representatives, and civil associations converged to delve into the pivotal role of sustainability within the construction domain. This event underscored that sustainability isn’t just an abstract concept but a tangible approach to constructing a conscientious future in harmony with the environment.

The meeting was attended by Jose Salardi, Executive Director of Proinversión; Alex García, General Manager of Indeco by Nexans; Leonie Roca, President of the Association for the Promotion of the National Infrastructure (AFIN); Rosa Bueno, President of the Chamber of Commerce of Lima (CCL); and Antonio Amico, President of the Association of Real Estate Developers of Peru (ADI).

Alex García, representing Indeco by Nexans, emphasized the multifaceted aspects of sustainability within the construction sector. One notable dimension is the selection of materials, wherein the choice of electrical cables bears significant weight. The proliferation of counterfeit materials not only jeopardizes the safety of Peruvian families but also escalates costs, including energy consumption. García highlighted the pivotal role of companies in educating consumers about secure and sustainable product choices, emphasizing the duty to inform customers about the environmental impact of their purchases.

Regardless the sector to which they belong, the companies have the responsibility to educate the market and make people aware of the environmental impact the products they buy.

Alex García, General Manager of Indeco by Nexans
Alex García

General Manager, Indeco by Nexans

While the sustainable path might not be the shortest, it’s undoubtedly the right one.

Rosa Bueno, President of CCL
Rosa Bueno

President, Chamber of Commerce of Lima (CCL)

Rosa Bueno, President of CCL, underscored the rising significance of sustainability in business operations and emphasized the guild’s dedication to promoting sustainable practices. The CCL representative revealed that the CCL’s sustainability commission is partnering with the European Union to support small and medium-sized enterprises in embracing sustainability through circular economy initiatives.

Antonio Amico, ADI’s President, recognized the construction sector’s pivotal role in Peru’s economic landscape, ranking second only to mining in contributions. Amico highlighted the growing trend of integrating sustainability into construction projects, including innovations such as wastewater reuse and the installation of underground electrical cables to minimize environmental impact while embracing alternative energy sources.

In addition, Leonie Roca addressed the challenges posed by sustainability implementation within the sector, particularly in the public sector. The association’s representative lamented that the prevailing criteria for approving public investment projects often prioritize speed and cost considerations, leading to a deficiency in sustainability aspects. She asserted that current sustainable practices focus on reducing waste generation and optimizing process efficiency in both construction and infrastructure endeavours.

The collective insights from this event make it clear that education and awareness are critical components in driving sustainable practices in the construction sector. By aligning stakeholders and fostering a deeper understanding of the environmental consequences of their choices, the industry can pave the way for a more responsible and ecologically harmonious future.

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