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Durable, flexible cables for motors, pumps, generators and drives

To produce conventional and renewable energy, many sectors – oil, gas and mining companies, processing industries, shipyards and power plants – rely on medium-voltage (MV) motors, generators and drives. Drives optimize motor efficiency, while cutting both CO2 emissions and energy costs. These systems require cables of exceptional characteristics, particularly in terms of adaptability, durability and performance.

Challenges facing the motor, pump, generator and drive industries

The motor, pump, generator and drive industry has always sought to improve performance while cutting costs to remain competitive.

The energy transition raises new challenges for companies in this sector. New standards have been introduced to significantly reduce CO2 emissions. As a result, the industry needs to review its practices and find more sustainable solutions. The energy efficiency of motors, pumps, generators and drives needs to be improved. This means integrating renewable energies. The sector therefore needs to focus on innovation in order to develop innovative technologies that will meet environmental standards, while allowing it to stay competitive.

We have been serving this industry for over 50 years, with flexible, high-temperature cables meeting high standards of safety and reliability in both connection and operation. Our role has taken on new importance with the energy transition. For this reason, our R&D team is working tirelessly to optimize our cable range for this market, adapting it to changing market conditions and environmental requirements. Building on our innovation capabilities, we are able to support customers in the motor, pump, generator and drive industry with sustainable solutions that allow them to remain competitive.


Variable-frequency drives can provide energy savings of between 20 to 65%, depending on the application.

Nexans solutions

  • Market our complete range of advanced performance SIWO-KUL® single-core high-temperature, flexible MV cables for applications requiring exceptional flexibility during prolonged exposure to high temperatures.
  • Provide a competitive, high-temperature cable for LV industrial motors.

Our objectives

  • Support the industry in the energy transition.
  • Focus our R&D efforts on solutions to improve cable adaptability and durability.
  • Provide, safe, reliable electrical connections and ensure the correct operation of equipment.
  • Increase power density for a faster start-up.
  • Extend cable life.

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