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Miniature cables delivering advanced performance and reliability for the medical sector

The medical sector is undergoing major changes. Healthcare professionals have access to advanced technologies, allowing them to make precise diagnoses and prescribe targeted treatments. This high-tech medicine requires high-quality cables. We have developed real expertise in this field. Our R&D team is developing customized solutions delivering benefits for professionals and patients alike.

Challenges facing the medical sector

Medical advances in diagnosis and treatment require specific equipment for exploratory and surgical purposes: transmitting images from inside the human body, taking real-time measurements, guiding surgeons during procedures, fitting medical devices, and so on. Healthcare professionals require safe, high-performance technologies that they can rely on.

Further, artificial intelligence systems are driving spectacular progress in medicine, improving not only diagnosis, but also treatment and prevention. To do this, they need to be able to transmit large amounts of data in real time and – in some cases – simultaneously. For this reason, interoperability between components and systems is another factor of key importance in the medical sector.

At the same time, medical imaging, and exploratory/surgical procedures use microprocess technologies, based on equipment designed to be as small as possible, for the comfort of both patients and caregivers. The increasing number of minimally invasive surgical procedures is driving the need for miniaturization.

This medical revolution requires high-quality micro-cables, multicore cables for dynamic applications, and composite cables combining several functions, primarily assemblies including: plastic optical fiber, coaxial cable, twisted pairs, tubes for air, gases or liquids, and so on. To meet these needs, Nexans has developed NEWSENSE™, a range of proven cable solutions and services tailored to the needs of healthcare professionals.


Nexans supplies three leading manufacturers of imaging systems

Nexans solutions

  • Open new paths for high-tech medicine through micro-engineering. Our new technologies allow us to manufacture and control miniature cables.
  • Manufacture cables compliant with ISO 10993, the most stringent quality standard applicable to medical devices, also meeting sterilization requirements.
  • Develop advanced technologies such as micro-extrusion, perfected by our engineers. This technique makes it possible to produce ultra-compact cables, such as the super-fine AWG52 twisted-pair model for transcatheter applications.
  • Design invasive micro-cables for transcatheter, endoscopic and ultrasound applications. This type of cable is used to map the human body, guiding surgeons and transmitting data in real time. We also supply invasive lead wires for external pacemakers.
  • Produce non-invasive cables for medical imaging applications.
  • Manufacture more practical, more efficient cables for imaging, investigation, diagnosis and treatment systems, including multifunctional flexible composite cables of varying design: single wires, twisted pairs, coaxial cables, optical fibers and tubes.


Our objectives

  • Enhance comfort for patients and caregivers.
  • Meet the needs and specifications of the medical community through reliable customized solutions with shorter development times and improved electrical performance.
  • Understand the customer’s production processes in order to develop products providing electrical, mechanical and environmental functionalities for the medical sector.
  • Design competitive, customized solutions.

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