Protect your assets against theft and counterfeit

Protect cable owners against cable theft

In recent years, cable theft has intensified around the world, largely due to rising global copper prices. With the cost of raw copper reaching close to $10,000 per ton, these thefts represent billions of euros in losses for the various players in the industry. To anticipate these risks and protect against them, Nexans provides a range of new solutions to our customers, from manufacturing right through to operation.

Enabled with connected tracking and geolocation solutions, motion detection and real-time alert technologies, our VIGISHIELD platform provides our customers with 24/7 protection, managing all aspects of the surveillance and protection of their cables.

Nexans solutions that keep your cables under surveillance 24/7

  • Permanent surveillance : in the truck, on the reel, installed on the field
  • Deliver your projects on time : no delays or cost increase due to stolen cables
  • Keep your operations secure : eliminate unforeseen costs for stolen cables

How is your cable protected?

  • During transportation/storage
    • Tracking the truck
    • Tracker inside the drum
  • On the field
    • Alarm if cable is moved
    • Alarm if cable is cut

Features of VIGISHIELD

  • Geolocalisation
  • Autonomous
  • Movement sensor
  • Connected
  • Real time alert

Benefits of VIGISHIELD

  • Visualize and track your entire portfolio of assets
  • Alarms configuration (time, zones,…)
  • Send automatic or manual alerts (sms, email, phone …)
  • Geolocate the position of the problem
  • Available 24/7 though web browser

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