Ultracker Smart Inventory Management (SIM)

Inventory management innovation from Nexans

Ultracker Smart Inventory Management (SIM) tracks the history of stock movements to help customers monitor and manage cable stocks in real time and triggers an alert to reduce the risk of product shortage or overstock.

This automated inventory system boosts performance and speed and helps to reduce costs, decreasing the environmental impact and the working capital required by clients.

Inventories can tie up a huge amount of cash. It’s also complex to manage. That is why Nexans has developed Ultracker Smart Inventory Management (SIM). Our solution allows you to monitor and manage your cable stocks easily in real time, to benefit from 360-degree stock visibility – and reduce the operating WCR associated with inventories by an average of 50%.

The solution combines RFID (radio-frequency identification), demand driven replenishment methodologies and a cloud-hosted platform to provide 24/7 access to physical stocks all along the supply chain. It tracks the history of stock movements and triggers alerts if there is the risk of a product shortage or overstock. Meanwhile, automatic stock replenishments and faster physical inventory counts transform stock management and boost performance.

Ultracker Smart Inventory Management creates a seamless and transparent supply chain between Nexans factories and cable end-consumers, including distributors, installers, and their subcontractors.

The benefits are tangible. Nexans customers using SIM have cable supply chains that are leaner, more agile and more reliable. They are also able to react faster to fluctuating demand while reducing their working capital requirement.


Stock visibility with control tower view

50 %

Reduction of your operating working capital requirement


Access to physical stocks

Ultracker Smart Inventory Management (SIM): watch the video

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