Improve your supply chain efficiency

Boost your operational efficiency, fight against cable theft and reduce your CO2 emissions footprint

Nexans end-to-end Digital Solutions offer

Nexans ULTRACKER™ is a unique suite of digital solutions for improved supply chain efficiency that is designed to simplify and secure the delivery of electrification projects – including ordering products, keeping track of cable drums, and the entire supply chain management from end-to-end in real time.

Nexans ULTRACKER™ ensures trouble-free ordering and delivery management by allowing the tracking of cables and visualization their location, as well as providing customers with information about what cable types and quantities are available.

For electrical grid operators, telecom operators, infrastructure developers, installers and distributors, managing the cable supply chain from factory to worksite can be a massive headache. Installers need to optimize time resources, utilities need to monitor their fleet and optimize their network. Today they all face growing issues such as resources rarefaction, prices increase, cable thefts and robberies, climate change or supply chain resiliency.

  • Manage your cable stock & drums fleet

With geolocation, make sure you know where each drum is located at any time and check if there are still cable on it. Geolocating your fleet and managing your drum return will be facilitated by Nexans App that connects you with carriers.

  • Prevent cable counterfeit & theft

Our solutions help you to anticipate and maintain your cables in the most efficient way.

  • Ease and anticipate maintenance

Scan and get the information about authentication of the Nexans product. Get alerted when there is an unusual cable movement.

  • Optimize your resources allocation

With the exact information of cable length on each drum, you’ll know when to send your teams to the field.

  • Reduce your carbon emissions

At any stage of your project lifecycle, we can calculate the CO2 emissions reductions.

  • Accelerate the installation

With key documents and resources accessible at any time, anywhere and associated training.

You can reduce your working capital requirement by up to 50% with Nexans ULTRACKER™ – our suite of digital supply chain solutions:

“ Enedis, France’s electricity distribution system operator, has identified the management of its reel fleet as a major challenge. Some reels are lost every year with an average immobilization time of 270 days for every type of cable. By using Nexans’ ULTRACKER solution, Enedis can optimize each stage of the reel's life cycle, from the delivery date until the day the reel is empty. On average, Enedis estimates the potential annual rental saving to be €1.6 million. ”


To create the best possible offers and solutions for our customers, Nexans’ very own Digital Factory has collaborated with some of the world’s leading technology innovators, including Microsoft AzureOrange Business ServicesShippeo, Sigfox and the LoRa Alliance.

And we have tapped into technologies like artificial intelligence, edge computing and the Internet of Things (IoT) to build powerful new functionalities and to create the optimum customer experience.

Voice of our customer

Discover how we have strengthened our partnership with Engemon, leader in data center construction in South America, by supplying advanced and sustainable services and digital solutions adding value to the cable offer.

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