Optimize your energy efficiency

Prevent energy losses

A cable that heats up loses energy. To limit energy losses, simply avoid this Joule effect by choosing a larger cable section.

The Joule effect: What’s that again?

Simply put, when current flows through a conductor, it heats up. And the warmer the conductor, the higher the resistance and consequently you lose electrical energy.

The solution?

Ensure that the cable doesn’t heat up (quickly). The easiest way is to choose a section larger than what you would need based solely on the power required.

A larger section? That’s much more expensive!

Not necessarily, viewed over the entire life of the installation. You might be surprised at how fast you get a return on investment.

Optimize your energy efficiency

The building sector is one of the major contributors  to global warming and energy consumption. Property owners, engineering consultants and architects are constantly seeking new strategies to deliver sustainable buildings and structures  that attract tenants and buyers whilst  maximising “green value”, such as increased asset value and reduced risk of depreciation. General companies and installers are then asking for products and solutions supporting this new approach. Nexans works hard to respond to its customers’ concerns regarding sustainable development 

Nexans ECOCALCULATOR™ will help you optimize cable sizing according to Energy savings and CO₂ emissions during the time of usage of the cables once installed.

Nexans ECOCALCULATOR™ is an online application which determines the possible savings using a cable with a larger cross section. This tool enables customers to easily calculate the energy savings they can get from their electrical installation.


“ Nexans developed this initiative to raise awareness among our sector as much as possible about the added value and the advantages of larger cable sections for the total cost of ownership of an installation over its entire lifespan, because we’ve noticed that too few installers and engineering firms are aware of this and merely focus on the purchase price ”

Make the right choice

The savings could be really interesting with a ROI around one or two years for the use of a superior cross section. These savings are estimated according to the three pillars of the sustainable development.

This application enables customers to select cables based on their environmental and economic impact according to three criteria

  • Save energy: potential energy savings in kWh and euros per year and over the entire life of the installation

  • Save CO2: potential CO2 savings expressed in kg CO2 equivalent

  • Safe Life: where possible, EcoCalculator also proposes the halogen-free version and calculates the energy and CO2 savings and the payback period for that too.

Where can I find Nexans ECOCALCULATOR™?

Nexans ECOCALCULATOR™ is available in a series of countries (taking into account the local energy mix). The tool is freely accessible on Nexans country's websites under the Resources & Tools section.

List of countries where Nexans ECOCALCULATOR™ is available:

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