Navigating a perma-crisis era: Nexans ecosystem in action

Nov 13, 2023
nexans, people walking in a solar farm

In the fast-evolving world of global markets, Nexans stands tall with a robust ecosystem. Our Suppliers are at the heart of Nexans ecosystem, seamlessly collaborating to amplify E3 impacts: Economics, Environment, and Engagement. This October, we celebrated this partnership with the 3rd Nexans Suppliers Day, a hallmark of our E3 journey.

Antifragility: the bedrock of our future together

In an ever-shifting landscape of global challenges, Our CEO, Christopher Guérin emphasized the importance of moving beyond resilience.

“ Being in a perma-crisis world requires not only to be resilient but to become antifragile. It means building a coalition, an ecosystemic partnership to support the potential heavy shock of the economic downturn and geopolitical instability. ”

Christopher Guérin

Nexans CEO

Nexans & Suppliers serving a unique ecosystem

Far from a mere supply chain, Nexans is part of a vibrant ecosystem ripe with potential.

“ Over 75% of our key suppliers affirm the positivity and mutual benefits derived from our collaboration. ”

Vincent Dessale

Nexans Chief Operating Officer

Voices from valued partners like TenneT, Celsia, and Sonepar echoed this spirit of co-creation.

We spotlighted Nexans' low-carbon offerings thanks to our cooperation with suppliers. For example, Nexans has launched a new range of low-carbon distribution grid cables in France. The eco-centric approach, spanning the product life cycle, has culminated in reducing greenhouse gas emissions by up to 50% for some products. Rooted in low-carbon aluminum, recycled plastic, and decarbonized energy, these innovations offer transparent CO2 data, enabling stakeholders to streamline their carbon footprint.

In the realm of sustainable advancements, Laure Desseigne emphasized the potential of collaborative endeavors. Harnessing the collective strength of stakeholders, especially suppliers, can lead to groundbreaking environmental solutions. As we continuously refine our products, this joint effort is crucial for spearheading sustainable innovations and reinforcing the ecosystem's commitment to ecological progress.

“ Clear goals and collective commitment are our north stars. ”

Christophe Allain

Global Portfolio Director Non Ferrous Metals

Heartwarming success stories added a touch of inspiration, highlighting circular economy, supply chain's digitization and long-term security of supply through successful collaborations with industry stalwarts like KGHM, Schneider Electric, Suez, and Trimet.

However, with opportunities come challenges such as our joint responsibility in adapting to new regulations and ensuring a compliant, robust, and data-driven supply chain at all tier levels.

E3 Suppliers’ Scoring Unveiled

Jérôme Chiquet, our VP Group Purchasing, introduced the innovative E3 suppliers’ scoring system, a robust framework ensuring our suppliers align with our E3 vision. "It's not just about profit but ensuring that economic gains don't come at the expense of our environment or engagement," he elaborated.

From Vision to Reality: The E3 Journey

Reflecting on our path since 2021, the milestones achieved with our strategic suppliers stand testament to our shared vision. We electrify the future!

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Jérome Chiquet

VP Purchasing Group Portfolio & Global initiatives

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