Nexans joins the new Aluminium Forward 2030 coalition

Mar 27, 2023

The International Aluminium Institute (IAI) has today launched Aluminium Forward 2030, a coalition of IAI's 25 production members and 20 downstream and customer companies who have committed themselves to transforming the aluminium sector. The aim is to accelerate progress toward net zero emissions while working together on a roadmap that is inclusive of all the other UN Sustainable Development Goals.

Reducing greenhouse gas emissions and combatting climate change have become priorities for the aluminium industry. However, the sector needs to move comprehensively toward net zero carbon in a way that addresses all other aspects of sustainability. This is why the IAI has formed the Aluminium Forward 2030 coalition, which Nexans has already endorsed.

Nexans takes steps to use as much low-carbon aluminium as possible in product manufacturing. In addition, through our recycling solutions, the Group recovers all types of end-of-life aluminium and copper cables, thus making a positive contribution to the environment. Our customers and partners can also benefit from this cable waste recovery service.

The coalition aims to protect and enhance the societal value of aluminium in all its applications. It also gives members the opportunity to be part of a learning community that will transform the future of supply chains.

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“ In the fight against climate change, it is essential that our industries come together to share insights and best practices – the tools, technologies and approaches that are going to make a real difference. This is why Nexans has decided to join Aluminium Forward 2030. Through this coalition, we are keen to participate and collaborate with others to find out how we can continue to make progress. ”

Vincent Dessale

Nexans Chief Operating Officer and Senior Executive Vice President

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