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Apr 6, 2022
Nexans podcasts: Fire safety, CSR, Innovation, Electricity

Join us in different discussions about important topics we care about such as: electricity, energy transition, fire safety, innovations and others with our experts, partners and customers, leaders of industry and start-ups.

"Let’s talk about fire safety" with Franck GYPPAZ

Since its discovery, fire has been an important part of our development. But we never managed to control the fire totally. The big risk is the illusion that everything is under control. It is not. In Europe, there is 1 fire declared every 30 seconds, bringing the total number of fires to 1.1 million every year. Franck GYPPAZ, Nexans’ expert on the topic hosts a series of episodes dedicated to the challenges with regards to fire safety.

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sustainable electrification

"Conversations with friends"

As a leader fully integrated into the life of the city, Nexans is committed to sponsorship actions where its expertise in sustainable electrification serves the public good on three fronts: climate change, medical research and cultural heritage. We are proud to present our philanthropic commitments through a podcast series "Conversations with Friends".

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electric science

"WHAT'S WATT podcast" with Frédéric LESSUR

On WHAT'S WATT podcast, we cover everything related to electric science, from transmission lines to new emerging technologies. It is hosted by Frederic Lesur, Senior Engineer, with the complicity of Vanessa Hill from Braincraft and Athena Brensberger from AstroAthens.

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