Nexans accelerates the global deployment of Shippeo’s real-time visibility platform

Sep 6, 2021

Why Nexans and its customers do need visibility and traceability of its transportation flows?

The partnership accelerates Nexans’s vision for enhanced customer satisfaction and business evolution by creating an agile, data-driven supply chain supported by state-of-the-art technology. More precisely, it enables Nexans to:

  • Deliver innovative value-added services for customers such as real-time tracking, accurate estimated time of arrival (ETA) predictions and incident management of shipments;
  • Provide Nexans customers with real-time insights on transportation operations for increased transparency and traceability;
  • Enable Nexans to identify improvements across its value chain to increase the resilience of delivery ecosystems for customers;
  • Increase collaboration to streamline operations, reduce the need for holding unnecessary inventories and eliminate bottlenecks, such as delays in unloading when deliveries arrive at a customer site.

“ Our teams were able to achieve all technical integrations in less than 2 months tracking over 3600 transport orders (TO) per year and reaching 83% of global GPS tracking in July, which has become the fastest deployment in Shippeo History. ”

Lucien Besse

COO and co-founder of Shippeo.

Country-Wide deployment in record time!

This strong performance could only be reached thanks to a structured Project management approach, clear governance, responsibilities, and strong commitment of the entire Nexans, Shippeo and Carrier Teams.

Working together, united and as one team consisting of stakeholders from Supply Chain, Transportation, Purchasing, IT, Sales, Marketing, Customer Service, Digital Supply Chain Design Lab, Shippeo and different Carriers made this deployment fast, efficient, and successful.

What’s next?

The next step for Brazil will be to deploy customer portals that will allow Nexans’ customers to access the Shippeo solution for tracking purpose and to mobilize their resources for unloading at the right time thanks to Shippeo’s predictive ETA.

“ Supply Chain Digitalization is entirely part of Nexans’ ambition to electrify the future. We began the visibility journey at the beginning of 2021 with Brazil being the first business unit to successfully deploy Shippeo on downstream flows towards customers. After Brazil, our ambition is to deliver a unified and enhanced customer experience with Shippeo’s solution in all our business units, first in France and Spain followed by Benelux, Chile, Peru, Columbia, New Zealand, Australia & Canada. ”

Jerome Fournier

Nexans Corporate VP Innovation, Services and Growth.

“ Shippeo is very proud to be collaborating with a major actor of electrification at a worldwide level and
to deliver positive results in record time. ”

Lucien Besse

COO and co-founder of Shippeo

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