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Nexans is a global player of the energy transition listed on Euronext Paris. For over 120 years, Nexans has brought energy to life by providing customers with advanced cable technologies and services.
Today, Nexans goes beyond cables to become a pure player in electrification.

Nexans: a global energy transition player

Our purpose: Electrify the Future

Uniquely integrated from metallurgy to recycling, the Group offers solutions across the value chain from engineering and design, to manufacturing, installation and maintenance across 4 main business areas and end-markets supported by solid megatrends:

  • population and urbanization growth,
  • energy consumption growth especially in energy transition,
  • datacentre growth.
€6.5 Bn

revenues in 2023


countries where we operate


people worldwide

€665 M

Adj. EBITDA in 2023

€2.3 /share

2023 proposed dividend


Listed on Euronext Paris

Electrification is in our DNA

For more than 120 years, Nexans has played a major role in the world’s electrification. Today, 57% of our business is exposed to electrification from generation to transmission to distribution to usage of energy.

Generation and transmission of energy

Nexans provides high voltage cables and services from the generation of energy (wind, solar, hydropower or nuclear…) to the transmission of that energy through countries interconnections between production and consumption regions. Nexans is a leading player in high voltage projects thanks to:

  • full-EPCI execution capabilities from Front-End Engineering & Design (FEED) early engagement to aftermarket;
  • technology patents for the highest voltage across the industry and most demanding applications;
  • distinctive assets: 4 large scale land and subsea factories in Europe, the US and Japan and 2 advanced cable laying vessels;
  • risk management excellence and partnership with Bureau Veritas.
Distribution of energy

Nexans produces low and medium-voltage cables and accessories for the distribution of energy (Territories). These cables are used by utilities in last-mile infrastructure that requires modernisation and renewables being added to the grid. Nexans thrives in this activity with:

  • long-term frame agreements with utilities;
  • turnkey solutions for electrification and bundle offers with cables and accessories;
  • technology breakthrough with superconductivity.

Watch Vijay Mahadevan, EVP B&T South, explaining Nexans ambition on energy distribution →

Usages of energy

Nexans produces low voltage cables and accessories for the usages of electricity (Building) addressing residential, datacenter, industrial or commercial activities. The Group develops turnkey solutions by combining cables and accessories with services to meet growing customer demand for a new ecosystem and more comprehensive solutions, including cabling, connectors and integrated modules. Nexans is a global partner with 23 local manufacturing plants and provides to its customers:

  • premium products offering the highest standards of quality and safety;
  • innovation to bring value beyond cables;
  • sustainable offer through proximity to reduce CO₂ emissions, circularity and recycling.

Watch Vincent Dessale, COO and EVP B&T North, commenting Nexans ambition on energy usages → 

ESG is at the heart of our strategy and operating model

Contributing to sustainable development is a core element of Nexans’ corporate strategy and E3 performance model. Guided by our purpose “Electrify the future”, Nexans is leading the charge to the new world of electrification: safe, sustainable, renewable, decarbonized and accessible to everyone. The Group aims to contribute to carbon neutrality by 2030, promote a safe and inclusive workplace and reduce its environmental impact to help people and planet thrive.

Our 2024 ambition: simplify to amplify our impact

Since 2018, the Group has undertaken an in-depth transformation, building a leaner, more customer centric Nexans focused on value over volume growth. In just two years, the successful deployment of the New Nexans operating model and SHIFT methodology has enabled the Group to unlock value and set strong financial footing.

Management announced in February 2021 a strategic move for 2022-2024, which will trigger additional transformation. Convinced that remaining a generalist will be more a weakness than a strength, Nexans intends to become an Electrification pure player. Hence, Nexans will simplify its business to amplify its impact on the markets exposed to electrification. The Group will develop organically and through bolt-on and transformative acquisitions in electrification businesses and exit from Industry & Solutions and Telecoms & Data to fuel their growth. The Group will increase self-help benefits, through more selectivity and more innovation thanks to SHIFT Prime program, continued efforts on cash generation and sustain investment in Subsea High Voltage market.

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Nexans 2022-2024 equity story executive summary

Electrification market: a tremendous growth potential

For more than 120 years, Nexans has played a major role in the world’s electrification. Electrification market represents 65% of the world cable market and is expected to grow by +4.3% per annum over the next 10 years driven by key growth trends:

  • growing energy consumption,
  • demand for sustainable energies,
  • grid modernization and protection.

Electrification brings massive opportunities all along the value chain. In power generation and transmission, energy transition is set to feed demand for offshore wind and interconnection cables with projects getting more complex, with longer distance and greater depth. Electricity distribution requires additional investments, as grid is ageing, particularly in Europe and the US, which will feed growth. Finally, electricity usage in buildings also offer growth potential, notably to ensure safety and energy efficiency.

We drive innovation beyond cables

To provide its clients with differentiating offer and expertise, Nexans relies on 800 experts through 3 R&D Techno-centers and 3 Design Labs developing more than 50 innovations per year. Nexans is amplifying its R&D strategy in 3 core areas:

  • customer experience (supply chain, services, smart products);
  • digital solutions (industry 4.0, IoT);
  • and sustainability (eco-design and recycling).

Digital solutions are a growing part of Nexans portfolio. At Nexans, cable drums are tracked using IoT technology while our asset management solution helps grid operators get maximum return on their power network.

To amplify innovation and services, Nexans relies on strong partnerships such as a risk management process with Bureau Veritas, digital services with Microsoft or deployment of our IoT solutions with Orange.

Learn more about innovation at Nexans →

€87 m

R&D spending in 2022



100 %

of R&D projects dedicated to energy efficiency and transition by 2030

25 %

connected products by 2024

State-of-the-art assets to support the booming subsea high voltage market

Nexans has invested more than €500 million in high voltage state-of-the-art manufacturing and installation assets, firmly establishing it as a world leader in cabling solutions for offshore developments (offshore wind, interconnectors,…).

From 2018 to 2021, Nexans has completed 2 major investments:

  • Nexans Aurora cable laying vessel in addition to its Skagerrak flagship able to perform the most complex cable installation operations in all water depths, from shallow to deep;
  • Charleston facility (USA) expansion to serve the rapidly growing US offshore wind market.

Nexans announced its ambition to invest an additional €200 million from 2022 to 2024 in new manufacturing capacities with:

  • the upgrade of Charleston facility to increase subsea and land HVDC manufacturing capacity;
  • the expansion of Halden facility (Norway) to add  2 new lines for HVDC manufacturing.


Our financial commitments for 2024: scale-up to step-up performance

By 2024, Nexans aims to become a pure Electrification player, with a resilient and focused portfolio, characterized by high profitability and strong cash generation. The Group will rotate its portfolio towards electrification through M&A and divestments, materially improve existing electrification activities profitability and moderately grow in volume from €6bn to between €6 to 7 billion by 2024 while stepping up profitability.

+130 bps

EBITDA margin step-up

>= 40 %

Group net cash conversion rate


Leverage ratio

>20 %

Dividend pay out

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