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Nexans' share


Individuals who are French tax residents may register their shares in a share savings scheme and make use of the related tax benefits.

As of December 31th, 2022, the estimated distribution of the Group’s share capital and voting rights was as follows:

- Institutional investors: 92.42% of the capital, including Invexans Limited & Tech Pack (Chile): 28.82%, Bailie Giford & Company LTD (United Kingdom): 8.66% and Bpifrance Participations (France): 7, 69%.

- Employees: 4.03%.

- Private investors: 2.77%.

- Treasury stock: 0.67%.

- Other: 0.12%.

Nexans' shares are quoted on Euronext Paris (Compartment A) and is a component stock of indexes including the SBF120, NEXT 150, CAC MID & SMALL, CAC MID 60, CAC Industrials and CAC SBT 1.5°.

As of December 31, 2022, Nexans had a total of 43,753,380 outstanding shares with a nominal value of €1.00 each.

The ISIN code for the share is FR0000044448.

Financial information


Nexans has a 12 months fiscal year that closes on December 31st of each year.

Press releases, presentations and webcasts from each financial publication can be found on the dedicated page.

Dividend distribution


To receive the dividend, you have to hold Nexans ordinary share(s) on the day before the ex-dividend date at the latest.

The distribution of the dividend is conditioned by Nexans' ability to generate a beneficial income, by its financial situation and by any other factor deemed relevant by the Board of Directors.

For detailed information on Nexans' dividend distribution history, please refer to the dedicated page.

If you are a registered shareholder, the dividend is directly paid on your bank account by Société Générale Securities Services.

If you are a bearer shareholder, the dividend is directly paid on your bank account by your financial intermediary.

If you are a former Nexans employee and you hold Nexans shares with BNP Paribas, please note that your dividend will be paid in the form of new shares instead of cash payment.

Annual shareholders' meeting


The minutes of the last General Meeting of Shareholders are available on the General Meeting page.

If you will be attending the Meeting in person

Shareholders may attend the Meeting in person by requesting an admission card.
Voting will take place using an electronic voting tablet.

If you will be voting or giving proxy online

If you wish to vote or give proxy, you can do it online online via Votaccess prior to the General Meeting as follows:

If you are a registered shareholder, you can vote or appoint a proxy via Votaccess by logging in to using:

- your usual Sharinbox access codes (these codes are indicated on the single voting form attached to the notice of meeting, or in the e-mail if you have chosen this method of notification)

- your login email (if you have already activated your Sharinbox by SG Market account), then your existing password.

Then, you’ll have to follow the instructions on the screen. For any request, Société Générale Securities Services is available from 9:30 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. at the following telephone number: +33 (0)2 51 85 67 89

If you are a bearer shareholder, you should log in to your bank or broker’s web portal using your standard login details and click on the icon that appears on the line corresponding to your Nexans shares. This will take you to the Votaccess website where you should then follow the instructions on the screen. Note that this option is only available to you if your bank or broker is registered with Votaccess.

If you will be voting or giving proxy by post

If you wish to vote or give proxy, you may use the postal voting or proxy form.

- If you are a registered shareholder, this instruction form is attached;

- If you are a bearer shareholder, you can request this form by letter addressed to Société Générale, Service Assemblées Générales, CS 30812, 32 rue du Champ de Tir, 44308 Nantes Cedex 03, France, or to your financial intermediary, no later than 6 days before the date of this Meeting i.e. no later than May 5th, 2023.

To appoint the Chairman as your representative: tick the box “I hereby give my proxy to the Chairman of the General Meeting”.

To appoint another person as your representative: tick the box “I hereby appoint:” and indicate full name, surname(s) and address.

To vote remotely: tick the box “I vote by post”. If you wish to vote against or abstain from one or several resolutions, shade in the appropriate boxes next to the resolutions that you are opposed to sign; do not forget to fill in the box relating to “amendments to or new resolutions presented during the Meeting”, indicating your choice by shading in the appropriate boxes.

In all cases, the duly completed, dated and signed form must be returned as soon as possible to:

- If you are a registered shareholder: Société Générale – using the T envelope.

- If you are a bearer shareholder: to the financial intermediary where your share account is maintained who will send it to Société Générale's Service Assemblées Générales together with a certificate of participation justifying your status as shareholder.

All shareholders whose shares have been registered in a share account 3 trading days prior to the date of the Meeting may attend on the following express condition:

- for shareholders owning bearer shares: they must present an admittance card or, alternatively, a certificate stating the ownership of their shares (in order to obtain the admittance card at the entrance to the Meeting),

- for shareholders owning registered shares: they may attend the Meeting without completing any formalities in particular. However, in order to facilitate their admission and avoid waiting in the reception area outside the meeting room, it is preferable that they complete and return the application form for an admittance card enclosed with their notice to attend the meeting.

Annual General Meeting

The Annual General Meeting is held annually in order to present detailed information about the company's performance.

The meeting approves the accounts of the previous financial period, fixes the dividend and its conditions of payment.

It appoints, re-elects and removes from office the company's directors and statutory auditors and, if necessary, ratifies the cooptations of directors made by the Board.

The decisions must be approved by the simple majority of the shareholders present or represented.

Extraordinary General Meeting

The Extraordinary General Meeting is convened whenever decisions involving a change in the articles of incorporation and, notably, a capital increase or reduction must be made.

The decisions must be approved by a two-third majority of the shareholders present or represented.

Combined Annual General Meeting

The Combined Annual General Meeting combines both the Annual and the Extraordinary General Meetings at the same date, with the same notification.

Meet with us


Nexans organizes specific meetings for individual shareholders. Please refer to the Investor Calendar page on our website to find out the dates and details of these meetings.

To stay informed about the latest news from Nexans, we encourage you to regularly visit the Newsroom page on our website, as well as subscribe to our semi-annual newsletter.

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