Towards the sustainable electrification of the world

Nexans is developing an ambitious CSR approach because it is essential that we rethink the risk related to climate change and that the entire company is committed to this. A major player in the international cable industry, The Group intends to design a more sustainable world.

Electrifying the future means…

A sustainable future

Nexans has defined a long-term CSR strategy based on stakeholders’ expectations and development opportunities. Our commitments are reflected in the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), via our participation, since 2008, in the Global Compact initiative which brings together companies, professional organisations, universities, NGOs, business representatives and civil society. Thus, Nexans is involved in implementing fundamental principles related to human rights and labour rights, protecting the environment and the fight against corruption.

The individual and collective performance of our staff

Our social approach forms an integral part of our CSR policy and is one of its top 3 priorities: “Taking care of our staff and building a diverse and inclusive work environment for everyone”. Our three-fold goal is to focus our efforts on workplace health and safety, human capital and CSR awareness.

Controlled environmental impact

Convinced of the need to preserve the planet for present and future generations, our environmental approach is one of the top three priorities of our CSR policy “Committing to reducing the carbon impact on the planet in innovative ways”. We have set very strict standards and developed a shared innovation project to meet our three-fold goal of maintaining a high standard of environmental management, ensuring a high level of circular economy and fighting against climate change.

An unwavering relationship with our ecosystem

Our success is intimately linked to the quality and strength of our relationships with our stakeholders — partners, customers and investors. That is why we have made this the third priority of our CSR policy “Sharing our values and highest ethical standards with all our stakeholders”. Keen to cultivate and sustain these connections, we maintain regular dialogue with our entire ecosystem. We lay particular emphasis on business ethics with our partners, ongoing dialogue with our stakeholders and access to energy for underprivileged communities through the Nexans Foundation.

A sustainable, innovative and competitive business model

Because we want our products to be increasingly competitive, innovative and sustainable, we place our expertise and inventiveness at the service of the energy transition on a daily basis. By focusing on innovation and optimising resources, we contribute to a circular and sustainable economy.

Nexans - ESG Conclusion and next steps - 2020


Electrifying the future is our raison d’être. As a global player in the energy transition, Nexans has been playing a crucial role in the electrification of the planet for over a century. We amplify this role by leading the change towards the new world of electrification — a safer, more sustainable, renewable, carbon-free world, accessible to all.

Electrifying the future means working towards a sustainable future by helping to achieve carbon neutrality by 2030.

Electrifying the future means becoming a “pure player” in electrification by 2024, by targeting our investments across our entire value chain — electricity production, transmission, distribution and use.

Electrifying the future means becoming what we do best...

Nexans ESG Day

In November 2020, Nexans dedicated a day to presenting its ESG — Environment, Social, Governance — initiatives, a crucial aspect of its corporate mission. The participants at this first-ever event of its kind took note of the Group’s commitments in terms of its Corporate and Social Responsibility. These commitments were illustrated by concrete examples of the many actions carried out, future projects and measurement indicators.

Christophe Guérin, Managing Director of Nexans

"Electrification is the key to combating climate change, respecting the UN’s SDGs, complying with the Paris climate agreement, and helping to achieve carbon neutrality by 2030. As the foundation of the energy transition, it brings us all closer to a cleaner and more prosperous future. A future within our reach."

Christophe Guérin
Managing Director of Nexans

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