Nexans soutient la décision de la Commission européenne d'imposer des droits antidumping sur les importations de câbles à fibres optiques en provenance de Chine

18 nov. 2021

Paris, November 18, 2021 – Today, the European Commission announced the imposition of anti-dumping duties ranging between 19.7% and 44% on imports of optical fiber cables from China into the European Union.

The duties will enter into force tomorrow. They constitute a necessary and long-awaited step on a path towards restoring a level playing field in the European market for optical fiber cables.

In recent years, Chinese fiber optic cable industry, which is heavily subsidized, has benefited from an unfair competitive advantage that has allowed it to significantly increase its exports to the EU at prices that are much lower than those charged in recent years. Nexans, as a responsible player in the design and manufacturing of cable systems and services, strongly supports the European Commission's decision.

Christopher Guérin, CEO of Nexans, declares: “These measures, if implemented properly, will allow the European cable industry to continue its ambition to offer cutting edge technology and meet both the growing demand and the challenges of Europe’s digital transformation required for the 21st century.”

Nexans has a global network of manufacturing plants. Particularly in EU countries, in Belgium, Sweden and Greece, and sales offices spread over many countries, allowing Nexans to deliver optical cable that meet local needs and regional regulations.

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