The thrusters

The first physical component

— To me, this is somewhat like bringing a new child into this world. I am both proud and happy to be involved in this Project and able to experience this.

Knut Flage, Nexans Vessel Operations Manager and project technical manager of CLV Nexans Aurora, is letting his fingers slip over the polished thruster blades.

— Of course after so much work and planning, of the whole team, it is a special feeling to finally being able to see and touch the first solid physical evidence of one of the fundamental components of the Nexans Aurora. I have to admit that I have dreamed about this moment, smiles Knut.

We are at Brunvoll’s industrial plant in Molde, where the six big vessel thrusters (nozzled propellers that can rotate 360 degrees) is under production. Brunvoll is a renowned producer and supplier of propulsion and thruster systems, with more than 100 years of history in the maritime industry and 50 years of experience with production of quality thruster systems. Read more at

Here, they have busy days making sure all the Aurora thrusters will be produced, tested and delivered in time to be fitted according to the complex Project schedule.

Adaptable solutions with high reliance

The big thruster towers the room, the people around it looks small in relation. The diameter of the propeller itself is 3,4 meter and this thruster will be installed as a retractable thruster in the bow of the vessel.

The advantages of a fully thruster based propulsion system of this size are many. Not least that it will insure optimal vessel positioning capacity during cable/umbilical installation operations, with world leading levels of redundancy and flexibility. The retractable thruster is a key component in this system that will allow the vessel to adapt to near shore operations and still maintain excellent propulsion capacity.

Caring for the environment

The Brunvoll thrusters are all part of a vessel with focus on the environment, following the DNVGL requirements for Clean Design and Silent operations. The thrusters themselves incorporates the latest in barrier technology and only certified biodegradable lubricants to ensure zero emissions during operations. This coupled with electric drives and the latest in power generations and management technology will ensure a minimal environmental footprint.    

— In Nexans we are thinking environmental solutions all the time. That is why CLV Nexans Aurora is planned to be as environmental friendly and green as possible, except wearing the green color. It must be Nexans red,says Knut with a smile.


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