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Horns Rev 2

  • LIEU
    Fermes éoliennes-Offshore
210 MW


170 + 33 kV


70 km


Nexans supplies subsea medium voltage cables and power accessories for Denmark’s largest offshore wind farm Horns Rev 2


About the project

DONG Energy awarded this extensive project to Nexans following the positive experience with the Horns Rev 1 project, for which Nexans supplied and installed all the subsea power cables. For Horns Rev 2, as in the previous project, the Nexans Group also supplies the high-voltage (HV) subsea cable to connect the wind farm with the Danish onshore power grid.

When complete, Horns Rev 2 will comprise a total of 91 wind turbines arranged in 13 rows each with seven turbines. Each turbine will supply 2.3 MW, and the total installed output will equal approximately 210 MW. This corresponds roughly to the amount of electricity consumed by 230,000 typical German households (three people). Horns Rev 2 will, therefore, offer an extra 25 percent of power compared with its neighbor, Horns Rev 1, located approximately 11 km away. The new wind farm is located on a sandbank approximately 27 km from the west coast of Denmark and stretches a further 14 km out into the sea.

Nexans' solutions

Nexans supplied in 2006 a total of 70 km of medium-voltage (MV) subsea power cables for the Danish offshore wind farm Horns Rev 2. The cables interconnects the wind turbines with each other, as well as with the central offshore transformer station, and were laid in water depths of between 9 and 18 m.

In addition to the subsea MV cables in three different diameters, Nexans also provided power accessories and installation services. Cables and accessories were manufactured in the Nexans plants based in Hanover (Germany) and Halden (Norway). 


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