The cable that keeps metro passengers safe

Benoit Binet Benoit Binet May 11, 2020

Nexans K25 power cables offer the best fire safety performance in the market. That’s why K25 is used where safety matters most – in stations and tunnels on the Paris Metro.

Safety is the number-one priority on metro networks. And on the Paris Metro, the safety standards set by transport operator RATP are amongst the highest in the world. With millions of passengers every day, there’s no room for compromise.

Why is cable specification so important?

Cables play a critical role in maintaining fire safety. While cables themselves rarely cause fires, the wrong sort of cables can make things much worse if a fire breaks out.

First, some types of cable accelerate the spread of fire. One of the biggest hazards is flaming droplets – burning plastic that can drip down and start new fires. Second, some types of cable produce toxic fumes when burned – and fumes are the main cause of death in fires. That’s why installing the wrong sort of cables can be so dangerous in stations and tunnels.

No flaming droplets

Nexans K25 is unique. It is the only cable of its type that does not produce flaming droplets – so it doesn’t spread fire. And it was the first cable to achieve compliance with the stringent CPR fire performance requirements that came into force in 2017.

Achieving this breakthrough was the result of intensive R&D and more than a year of hard work by Nexans. The result is a cable that offers unparalleled fire performance. As well as being designated “d0” (no flaming droplets), Nexans K25 is halogen-free, nitrogen-free and sulphur-free. Its full declaration of performance is B2ca-s1a, d0, a1.

Why choose Nexans K25?

Nexans K25 cables are the natural choice for safety-critical environments where the risk of fire needs to be taken into account – particularly in confined or underground spaces where the public or workforce could be at risk.

We offer a complete family of K25 cables for power and traction applications from 450 to 1800 volts. These cables are backed by our world-leading R&D and they are trusted by RATP, for whom Nexans has supplied cables for more than 50 years. K25 cables are manufactured in France at our factory at Mehun-sur-Yèvre. Finally, K25 cables are always kept in stock and we supply our customers direct from our Nanterre Logistics & Solutions Centre 8km from the centre of Paris.

Nexans K25 means peace of mind for rail operators. And most important of all, it means safer journeys for passengers.

About the author

Benoit Binet

Benoit Binet

Benoît Binet began his career at Nexans in Paris in 2008 before leaving for Qatar where he was sent to start the new local Nexans plant. He then moved to Australia, where he was in charge of cable purchases in Asia. Since January 2018, he has been in charge of the Grand Paris for Nexans and the management of the Nanterre site.

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